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Men of Reddit, why do most men find it easier to talk about their mental health with women?

Men of Reddit, why do most men find it easier to talk about their mental health with women?

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  1. I definitely don’t. It’s just women tend to bring it up more often and I have no issue talking about the topic, I avoid talking about myself with women – I know how they tend to react to vulnerable men, and it’s not fun being on receiving end of that.

  2. In my case it’s because of the whole “man up” ordeal. The idea that men have to always be tough, can’t cry, can’t show any moments of weakness and just have to man up. A lot of guys also follow the whole macho or machismo attitude which, at least in my experience is toxic in its own right.

    So I’ve yet to encounter another guy who wasn’t more or less always trying to be macho and man up about everything. Now in my circumstances a lot of women also expected this from men too and tend to also follow a double standard. But I’ve met some women who actually don’t follow and enforce this idea. Naturally, they’re much easier to talk to. My fiancé is like this and she actually hates the whole macho/man up attitude. Somewhat ironically, being able to share with her in turn gave me the support I needed to grow, get stronger, more confident, and in essence, “man up” a lot better and healthier.

  3. Not me, I’ll take a male therapist any day. As far as friendships/relationships go I find men generally don’t prod each other about their feelings or mental health in the same way that women are comfortable talking about these things (even if they don’t always like the resulting emotional dump).

  4. In my experience, women are generally easier to talk to, empathic, nurturing, and good listeners. Even the worst women I met were still better than the worst men I came across

    My own dad has told me a couple of times to “Be a man” when I was at my worst and most vulnerable. And I get it. Sometimes tough love helps. But most of the times you need someone to understand. And very few men have that capability

    Plus some men might turn anything into a pissing contest. Or turn the focus of something to themselves and go on a rant, indifferent if anyone’s listening or interested. Or get visibly uncomfortable if you get serious/vulnerable

    Thankfully with age I’ve come across more quality men. In fact recently it was a talk with my best friend (male) that did wonders to get out of my morbidly depressed state. But on average, women are still easier to confide in than men.

  5. Women are supposed to have emotions, men are not.

    Other men and romantically significant women will this emotional man as less, weaker, pathetic. Even word of getting it getting back to others can be dangerous to your social standing.

    If you must express emotional situations it is best to do so with a woman you are not related to, have no romantic interest in and not in your preferred social circle.

  6. for me its because i only have a certain type of person who can get past my bullshit and actually find out whats going on and the person who did that is my girlfriend, also its less awkward to receive a hug from a woman than from a man. a womans kind touch can do plenty for the mind, its motherly basically. my dad would never do that, only two people ever have and both were female, basically a hug and some talking can make a world of differnce as long as its not awkward

  7. Because other men get awkward and chances the subject, sharing anything emotional just leads to a quick change if topic to literally anything else. Eventually you just give up on talking to other men about what’s going on in your head. Most of my women friends agree far more wrong to discuss their mental issues or to let me talk about mine. Seems like most of it comes from expected gender roles and the fact that men where I am aren’t expected to have deep emotions, we’re expected to figure that shit out on our own and not bother other people with it.

  8. I don’t believe this is actually factual more opinionated, people will open up only with the right person if that be man or woman. it’s all about feeling comfortable and respected from both ends to have this type of conversation.

  9. I read it somewhere that people tend to be more open with opposite gender and they feel better.

    So, I guess ~~that’d~~ that’s the reason but realistically, I’ve found it quite opposite, women I’ve met were narcissistic and it was a mistake that I opened up to them.

  10. I used to have a close friend that I talked to about everything. She told me I shouldn’t date until I got the whole anxiety and depression thing completely “figured out.”

  11. I wouldn’t say most. Hell, I wouldn’t even say men. Most young guys under 30 are pansies. They just want to cry into the arms of someone that loves them. It’s fantasy. In reality, no woman will tolerate it. They want MEN.

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