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Men of Reddit. What’s something you’ve done that’s filled you with so much pride and joy that you could explode?

I’m really interested in hearing about all y’all’s W’s!

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  1. A while back the new guy at work told me he looked up to me as an example and when he was unsure of how to handle a situation tried to think back on how he’d seen me handle similar issues in the past.

    Small in the grand scheme but just melted me at the time and I still think back to it when I’m having a bad day. One of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received.

  2. The moment I first kissed what is now my Queen. It changed everything, which I knew upfront.
    Not kissing her would have meant continuing my relaxed life, kissing her would mean a 100% change in every aspect.
    I did it and have no regrets (M55)

  3. I started to learn how to dance at the start of this year (modern jive). I’ve finally gotten to a stage where I know enough to go a few songs in a row with a partner, not having to worry about the ‘correct movements’ for the moves, and just have a blast dancing to great tunes with awesome women.

    When you ‘nail it’ it feels just the best. Yeah, dancing is fun as fuck.

  4. When I got the chance to be in a 911 Porsche that’s a actually a modified racecar used in races on professional tracks similar like the F1 races but with rollbars, multiple seat belts

    Had a professional racecar driver, he took me around curves on the track going over 90 miles an hour, definitely doing some Gs and better than any rollercoaster, bungy jumping or sky diving I’ve done so far.

    Best experience for joy adrenaline wise

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