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Men of brisbane, what’s a normal amount of toilet paper for you to go through per day?

So I’ve got this housemate who is the equivalent of a pack a day smoker in the toilet, in that he’s a roll a day shitter. I feel like this is a pretty messed up effort so kinda curious if it’s the norm?

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  1. It is definitely not the norm.

    I never really count the sheets used, but a poop or two a day has never used a full roll.

    Maybe he needs a bidet? Also, maybe the toilet paper is used to wipe down cum? Maybe he has very poor aim and needs to clean up after? IBS?

  2. Probably has a very hairy ass and likes to make sure he’s clean.

    Source: Hairy-assed guy who likes to make sure he’s clean.

    It’s like trying to wipe peanut butter out of a shag carpet.

  3. I go through a roll in about a month. Mind you, that’s those mega rolls, but still. A roll a fucking day?! What’s he doing, wrapping his hand up like he’s handling nuclear waste?!?

  4. Sounds like you’re living with someone whose scared to get it in his nails, so he’s bunching up to the equivalent of boxing mitts.
    Saw a documentary that concluded the average was 7 squares used.

  5. I got a bidet years ago. I got through like 3 sheets a day doing a spot check so a roll lasts a month more or more.

    I don’t understand why bidets aren’t the norm. Cleaning with paper only strikes me as gross as hell.

  6. That will depend a lot on what paper as well. If it’s the cheap brand you find at schools and such, which feels more like old newspapers – then yeah a roll seems reasonable.

    More decent brands half a roll

  7. It depends on what I ate before and my fibers consumption. It can be as low 2 sheets per shit and as high as 20 or 30 sheets per shit (i have never actually counted).

  8. I only go once a day, so that’s good.

    On the other hand when I wipe it’s like wiping a marker..takes quite a few sheets ti get it under control. And I double them anyway because the paper always seems too thin.

    So…about 4 sheets at a time (2×2) time about 6 to 8 wipes=about 28 sheets on average per day. Which means a roll can last about 15 days.

    What on Earth is going on with your friend…

  9. Get a Bidet!

    They’re amazing! Less irritation, less toilet paper, more comfort, very simple installation (even for me who’s not good at DIY stuff). It’s crazy to me that in the US bidets are more popular. Not sure why.

  10. Zero. I have not purchased paper products in years. Picked up a bidet attachment for the toilet, and 100 rags dedicated to drying off after. I put them in a stainless container then wash them ~~with hot water~~ in a washing machine like typical laundry.

    No kleenex, I have a few handkerchiefs, and no paper towel, only tea towels/microfiber for drying dishes.

    Save the trees, save your money.

    edit: apparently washing a rag needs clarity.

  11. A whole roll? Jeez.

    I could consume a roll a day if I had some very nasty and violent stomach problem with plenty of ammo to back it up….

    Otherwise a 4-pack lasts me a month, or longer.

  12. I take a shit in the morning pretty much like clockwork. I usually start off with four folded squares, check the wipe, then three, I try to use two on the last wipe.

    I’m not cheap on the toilet paper but I can make a roll last a long time without even thinking about it really. Its too practical not to do. I dont understand how ya’ll wipe /shrug

  13. I use maybe 3-5 sheets each time I take a dump. So if I go twice a day, that’s 6-10 sheets. Sometimes more, rarely less. If a toilet roll has 180-200 sheets, then I’ll last between 18-34 days for a single roll by myself.

  14. After a couple wipes to get the bulk of the mess, I like to finish with a wetted TP to get it clean. But I agree with the previous poster, I think the only way you go through that much TP is cleaning up cum.

  15. Does he have IBD? I shit once a day, using a maximum of 6 squares of tp. If he’s going through a roll a day, there’s something very wrong with his insides.

  16. I know a guy with a similar issue. I think his is a result of mild OCD intersecting with a weird bowel syndrome.

    It certainly isn’t the norm, and a bidet may or may not be a useful suggestion. If he does have OCD, a bidet might not allow him to satisfy the compulsions like he needs to

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