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Men of Reddit, what would you feel if another man jacks-off of your girlfriend’s pictures?

Men of Reddit, what would you feel if another man jacks-off of your girlfriend’s pictures?

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  1. I would feel an instinctual aggressiveness, and perceive the dude as fishy or sneaky. But rationally the joke’s on him because I get to bang the girl and he knows it

  2. I wouldn’t want to know about it. I don’t really get an ego boost from knowing I have something that someone else wants and hearing about someone else’s masturbation in person is gross to me.

  3. Pictures? That’s kind of above the level of effort and intent i’m comfortable with.

    If they told me i’d also be weirded out, though there are some contexts where it might be alright to find out they’ve masturbated over the idea of my gf.

    If we’re in a heart to heart along a relevant subject and he decides to offer up the information that he’s *thought* of her while masturbating, I wouldn’t judge him for it.

    But how he decides to let me know that and in what context is pretty damn relevant, and I think that any level of preparation to do so makes it weird. I’ve *thought* of basically everybody at one point or another.

    This all only applies if it was while I was with her though.

    He should probably keep that shit to himself unless it’s relevant and pertinent information, and the only reason it could be pertinent is a sharing of emotional stuff and so on, in which case it’s pertinent to get it off his chest if it’s bothering him. It’s also highly risky.

  4. They’re her pictures, it’s up to her to decide whether to be upset by it, and I’ll back her up. My feelings on it matter too, but I’m primarily going to base my feelings on how I see her react, so it’s not a question I can answer in a vacuum.

    It’s not my job to get angry for any woman, or anyone at all, dealing with stuff like that; it’s my job to listen to their feelings and their needs. And if they do need me to be angry with them, then well you bet I’m angry!

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