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Men of Reddit, what wholesome thing did your male friend do for you?

EDIT: This post blew up. I only wanted to read some wholesome stories to make me feel happy but I got so many, my heart may explode from all this sweetness. I love you all!

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  1. I had gone through an emotional break up earlier this year around the same time my best friend had broken up with his girlfriend.

    I had been talking to him about both our break ups one day, a few hours later he calls and asks me when the last time I left my place was. I told him that the only times I’d left was to go to my coaching sessions, he told me that I should go for a walk that day to clear my head a little.

    I went outside and found him sitting on the hood of my car with pizza and a few drinks, we went inside the house and played Playstation for hours, didn’t talk about the relationships at all, just kicked it playing NBA and WWE for the whole night.

    I don’t know what it is but that whole action of him coming through was just so touching.

  2. Long ago, I used to get beat by my dad every day. One time when I didn’t do my homework (I was in grade 5) my dad broke my arm and badly beat me to the point I was limping. I went to school, and my friend noticed. He asked what happened, and even when I just said I fell, he eventually found out what happened. He asked his mom to allow me to stay with them for a while. My parents were never there for me, so it meant the world to me that someone cared.

  3. Came out of the closet near the end of 10th grade. There was this one guy whose reaction I kinda feared. He is tall, kind of a mix between a himbo and a dudebro (I like to call him a dudebo).

    So I tell this group, and all he does is nod. He didn’t say a single word about it for a whole week, until one day in English class he says: “Hey, you once read to us this poem you wrote. Was that a gay poem?” And I say, “yeah, it was about a guy.” He shrugs, saying, “if it’s me I’d be really cool with that”, and goes on to his thing.

    A few weeks later our school had a this get-together with a really religious school. We were supposed to talk with them and have a discussion in small groups. I was really nervous because I never dealt with religious people after coming out and I did not want to hide it. So the morning of the meeting Dudebo comes to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. “If they hurt you, I will hurt them. Straight-gay solidarity, you know.”

    I was shocked, just mumbled some yes and nodded. The conversation with them did reach the LGBT topic, and most of them were really against it. What was surprising is that Dudebo showed a lot of knowledge. He knew more than I did. He later told me he researched it so he won’t make a fool of himself in front of me, hugged me in the manly slap-on-back-way and punched my shoulder.

    Fast forward to next year, someone wrote a nasty word on my locker. Dudebo hears about it, and calls me out of the blue to ask for more information. Next day during class he gets up and says “whoever wrote it on his locker better apologize and never do it again or I will scalp them.” He acted as my bodyguard for a whole month and transferred lockers to be next to mine until he was sure the danger was gone.

    He is straight as hell, so I take that as wholesome.

  4. Beat the crap out of the guy confronting me when I was trying to not get into it.
    I was so shocked that someone would actually do that for me.

  5. I was living with my best friend for a while and i was having a really rough time. I was down, suicidal and in bits. We had a heart to heart and he really listened to me. The next morning he woke me up with a coffee and a bacon sarnie. Small gesture but it made me feel loved.

  6. We were discussing about this girl I was planning to ask out, and out of curiosity he checked out her insta pics and found her ex’s image. Without even a second thought he pointed out to me ” you’re so much better looking than him bro.” Unexpected but for some reason gave me a confidence boost.

    Also, he once happened to use my tinder and I noticed he literally swiped only if the girl is 10/10. He said any less is unacceptable for me to have.

  7. He came to my father’s funeral. I hadn’t seen him in 10 years. He had to drive two hours to get there. He didn’t call ahead and made no social demands on me during or afterwards. He just showed up. When I noticed him in the crowd he gave me a hug and sat back down. No words were necessary. He was literally just there for me. It was a profoundly powerful gesture.

  8. 19 years ago.

    Found out I was breaking up with my girlfriend so brought over 1/2 an ounce of weed, 2 backpacks, a dozen beer, and some papers.

    We rolled the 1/2 oz then walked all over our town smoking herb and sinking cans talking about our childhood and really good times.

    Ended up sleeping in a racecourse.

    We’re still friends making it a 32 year friendship.

  9. At party one night where some big dude gets aggressive and starts threatening to rape me, and my mate is there backing me up and he says “This guy here means more to me than anything in this world right now, if you touch him I’ll kill you.” It was a crazy night but I’m glad I had him by my side, and it meant a whole lot to me.

  10. My mother died of cancer in my last year of high school when I was 18. He was my childhood friend we went to the same schools since we were 6. He knew I was away staying with my mom who was in hospice care in another city and asked me to call him if anything happens. One morning we’ve got the phone call with my family, I saw my mother one last time. I didn’t call him, maybe I was avoiding the reality of that she is gone forever. Next day was a school day and we headed home that night, I just wanted to continue living my life just as it was before, I thought I had dealt with her passing beforehand so I got ready, etc. We always took the bus together to school because we lived nearby and we always met up 10-15 minutes before it arrived so we could talk.

    He asked how I was doing and what am I doing home, did my mother get better or something? I told him she passed the day before but I’m okay. He knew my mother since I was a kid and he broke down crying and it got to me. I said I’m sorry I didn’t tell him earlier and we both broke down, hugging and crying. I told him I’m sorry but I rather skip school. He said no way I’m gonna be alone that day so he skipped school as well and we spent the whole day going around the city, having ice cream, having a few beers, smoking cigarettes and having some real brotalks. I didn’t get home until it was late at night my father asked where the hell I was. I told him everything and eventually he broke down himself. I stayed strong and didn’t cry, I hugged him and told him it’s gonna be okay.

    That was a weird day.

  11. We needed a trailer because my mother really needed it for her work and we did not had the money for it. I would never ever ask someone for help, especially for money. But yeah, we had a really small one and i felt so sad because it was extremly hard for my mother to work with our old one. I just put all my courage together and ask a friend of mine if he could borrow me money. He looked at me, gave me his bank card and just said “Take as much as you need”. Of course i paid him back as fast as i could. He never talked about it again.

    i love that guy, he helped us sooo much! Still my best friend 🙂

  12. Men don’t talk about emotions, is the stigma. I have BPD, my friend has supported me throughout all these years, ups and downs. While maintaining his own boundaries. He suffers from ASPD, it takes some loyalty and effort for someone like that to try to help with these kind of things. He is my number 1 bro.

  13. i had set up a sausage shop in schools it was getting crowded af, and there were many stations. One station to pay at, one to get your food, and one to get your drink. This dude skipped the paying station and I didn’t realise. My friend came out and told me then said “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Turns out like 10 people went up to him and grabbed the money out of his pockets lol. It’s just 5 bucks dude… Pay it and be done with it.

  14. most recent thing i remember is smoking some weed with a big group of friends and next thing i know it hits way too hard, and i’m starting to get really anxious cuz i’m thinking i’m acting weird. One of my close friends looks at me, and understands what’s going on and says ” hey we are all getting high here, have fun, nobody is judging.” The way he knew exactly what i was feeling and what to say was awesome

  15. I got stood up on a date, we were meant to get drinks and play mini golf. Text him, he came over to the venue once he finished work n we hung out and had a great night getting pissed playing minigolf

  16. Theres no one specific example stands out more than the others.
    The guy has unreal timing. He knows exactly when to intervene to stop me doing something stupid and exactly when to back off and not smother or stifle my personal growth.
    The latter skill is the hardest to master because timing is everything.
    Love that guy, he always right where you need him.

  17. Once a Yemeni man saved my life.
    It happened in Malaysia. One night, we were drinking in our apartment’s balcony. It was 18th floor. I lost my consciousness and next thing I remembered was lying on my couch. The next evening, he informed me, I tried to jump out of 18th floor. He grabbed me and saved my life that day.

  18. Back when I was 17 I studied my whole life at an all boy’s school in a conservative country so I had no experience with girls. I am pretty good looking so once I went to college I got a lot of attention but did not capitalize on it because I was (and still am, albeit to a lesser degree) a social retard. Having mild asperger’s didn’t help either.

    I told my best friend from school when we met after our first year in college about this while we were really drunk. He told me not to worry about it and gave me a manly ass peck on the lips right then and there. A second shy of being considered a gay kiss, but a second longer than a drunk mistake. A proper mother fucking bromance kiss.

    That was a long time ago and I am a total slut now, but my bro was my first kiss. Both of us are completely straight too (inb4 ” /r/suddenlygay “) and the funniest part is that he’s totally uptight about shit like this when sober.

  19. I witness a bathroom fight during my school days and I got interrogated by PT staffs. I’m from Asia, so stick beatings. He kept asking me who sold the tickets and who were fighting, I couldn’t tell them cause seniors would bully me to the hell if I rat them out. my friend came out of nowhere, grabbed my arm and said to him “We went to restroom before it started”. Smh, he believed and let us go.

  20. So we are 3 friends, and me and one of them is pretty… Retarded? Like we are literally embarrassing 24/7, saying dumb shit, making stupid noises, listening to literal crap.

    But the other guy is more like a normal dude.

    One day he introduced us to his gf he said:
    “These are most autistic retarded dudes I know, but they are MY retards”

  21. My friend got himself in trouble with the schools bullies in order to save me from me 500th beating of the month I wasn’t popular or influential no one liked me that much so no one would have my back but this guy barely knew me yet he convinced others to help me and eventually when all else failed he himself took the beating for me i got to know this 4 years later

  22. My best friend is my oldest daughter’s godfather, and he is great with her. He sent her a care package last week since he can’t see her due to quarantine.

  23. I met a guy delivering pizzas one night, his house smelled like weed so after I made a comment about it he invited me in to smoke. I ended up buying weed from him for a little bit and after my mom kicked me out for finding out I was still using, I went to him to try and get high and figure out what I was going to do. He ended up offering a place for me to stay for a month and also ended up becoming a very close friend. That place was the difference between homelessness and me moving to get my life together!

  24. Acting like a cat, suddenly rubbing his head to people shoulder and ‘meow’ at the same time, we be like wtf this dude, everyone know he just kidding, we only see that thing twice a year

  25. I had an argument with a group of people. They were rude and wouldn’t let me finish my sentence. My friend came along and told everyone to be respectful and to listen to other people’s opinion.

    I was really happy someone stood up for me that day.

  26. I was having a rough time with my Mum when i was about 17, and it was a Sunday evening and we had been hanging out all day, i really didn’t want to go home. i was planning to ask him if i could stay over but i was nervous about it, i had never stayed over before. he offered before i could ask and it made me feel so welcome. i stayed over a couple of nights.

    Just the way he completed relieved my stress, without any hesitation or prejudice was so nice.

  27. Happened this morning. Ireland’s postal service sent out these postcards to all residents you can send free of charge within the country to send to elderly relatives etc during lockdown. Myself and fiancèe have been having a rough time the last few years due to my fiancèe’s mam having terminal cancer and her being the one her mother trusts more with her care she is carrying alot of the weight as opposed to her brothers. This morning we got news her mam had declined substantially over night so horrible start to the day as you can imagine. We checked our mail this morning and we had received one of those free postcards off a friend of ours who lives not too far away with a written meme on it and a message from his mam to us. It was simple, he had absolutely no idea how much it helped us this morning and ment to us

    Edit; Just want to add since I made it seem as though my fiancèe’s brothers do very little, both do a tremendous amount aswell just my fiancèe is the one left doing majority of the organising of tablets, appointments, home care needs etc etc. She carries more of the admin work in a sense alongside caring.

  28. I met one of my new closest friends around 4 months ago now before this pandemic. He is literally the nicest guy i have ever met, buying food for me bc i couldnt afford my own, paying for lunch with all the boys, talking about life and having great conversations, just great.

    One day felt comfortable to tell them that I’m actually a femboy and like to crossdress and i even showed proof. It was coming up to the last day of our retail course and i made the joke that i would wear that outfit i showed him. His response supprised me, he really wanted me to go through with it. So on the day i did and it was very embarrassing since i hadnt dressed in public before in those clothes. Once i got of the train i was shaking literally about to have a mental breakdown (I’m super self concious and it really got to me).

    I messaged him to come to the station so i didnt walk there alone and he headed straight there. He walked with me up to our course and even complimented me. But that wasnt all ahah, i was wearing my mums shoes since i didnt have my own that worked with the outfit and they didnt really fit and i complained about it once after walking uncomfortable for a while, he had noticed and offered to buy some for me. I didnt want him to spend anymore money then he has for me the past month so i refused but he walked in anyway and bought me some.

    To this day i cant thank him enough for helping me overcome that fear of going out in public in girly outfits and i have no idea how to repay him.

  29. When I turned 18, my parents were sick so I couldn’t invite my few close friends to my house for a party, even though all the other guys of said group who had turned 18 before me had all invited all of us for at least a few drinks in a bar. They eventually understood why I wasn’t inviting anyone, and after my dancing class, the only thing I was allowing myself to do apart from school and family things, they were waiting for me outside the building and were inviting me out to celebrate my birthday with them.

  30. I’m a girl but I used to date this guy who had a bromance thing with this really cool dude who was going through a lot at the time. My ex kept inviting his friend to come over to just be stood up by him.
    Even though this would happen every single time, my ex would still set up a chair for his friend in his room every single night and wait for him even after I fell asleep on his bed and then would go to bed with the chair still there for his friend.
    Later I told this to the friend and he was so emotional about it and they did their huge handshake in with tears in the their eyes.

  31. I was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. This guy I met online ~10 years ago on dota flew over from Sweden and took me back to his, detoxed me and helped me sort my life out. He’s a few years younger than me, literally like a brother I never had.

  32. My best friend – met him my freshman year of high school – due to some complications I had to pay for my lunch that year when I should’ve gotten free lunch. But since there was no way around it, I figured if I was gonna spend money to eat lunch I would eat at the other cafeteria with good food. My school had 2 cafeterias – one with generic lunches (sometimes really good if you come on the right day) and one where students in our culinary academy would cook. And boy they made some good food. One day, I ran outta my lil money that I had for the school week – irresponsibly spent it (long story short).

    My best friend, bought me lunch for that Thursday and Friday. “If I eat, you eat”. I’ve held that dear to me for the past 5 years and anytime one of us is in a bind, the other will come through without any seeking of payback or compensation. That’s my brother, and I’m his brother and that’s all there is.

  33. I was a private in the Army. I had gotten in trouble and had been demoted, was feeling sorry for myself and kind of wanted to just end it all. My buddy picked up on that and started coming to my room after my mandatory extra duty and just keeping me company and making sure I wasn’t so lonely. After it all I told him thank you, and he said “Don’t thank me for shit, this is what buddies are for.” He got out and we kept in contact, he killed himself 2 years later because of PTSD and depression. I had seen him a week before and he seemed off. I asked him if he was OK and he told me he was all good, just still adjusting to his new schedule. He took time out of his own day for me, every day for the better part of a month, just to make sure I was ok, and I didn’t see that he needed the same thing. I’m sorry this turned into something you didn’t ask for. Just wanted to share how my best friend helped me out.

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