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Men of Reddit, what weird things you do that you yourself don’t understand?

Eg. Like touching and smelling your balls🌝

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  1. Whenever I walk, I usually attempt to do so as quietly as possible. I’m not crouched down with my arms out like a video game character or anything, it *looks* very casual… but I’m very conscience about where I place my feet, how they land on the ground, how different shoes sound on different surfaces, that kind of thing.

    No idea why. I know I started in junior high and it just stuck.

  2. FYI, touching and smelling your balls is evolutionary. We want to know our own smell to identify it, and its hard to do when you smell like shampoo and anti-perspirant and aftershave. Humans have been evolving 200 million years as hominids and are only civilized for the last brief 10,000 year drop in the evolutionary ocean.

    But what I do is I have to walk around in a circle to flatten the grass before I lay down.

  3. I’ve done this since I was a teen—after the second or third bottle of beer, I start peeling off the labels. I even catch myself doing it, think “Ok, stop that!”, but after a few minutes I’m doing it again. I’ve heard all kinds of analysis about it—it means you’re horny (I’m always horny), it means you’re anxious (rarely), it means your gay (that one night in college doesn’t count because we kept our socks on.)

    But anyway, I’m a bottle label peeler when I’m buzzed and I don’t know why.

  4. When passing by a brick or cinderblock wall, I have to tap the blocks in some sort of pattern.

    If I grow my beard, I instinctively run my fingers through it why I’m deep in thought or am chuckling.

    When I eat, I have to have an equal amount of ‘chews’ on each side of my mouth. First bite is right side, second bite is left side, third bit is right and so on.

    When I am walking behind someone, I watch their strides and match them. The only exception to this is when I need to use the restroom.

    I also have a random need to stick my tongue out of my mouth in some way.

    Idk, I’m a weird person.

  5. I sometimes say things that I mean in the moment but then look back on those things and realize wtf that’s not true anymore or shouldn’t have been true at the moment yet it was. It’s like saying words to see how they’d feel if you said it out loud regardless of where it goes just to see where it takes you yet keeping those thoughts that are spoken close enough to your self truths to not be outright lies at the same time. Kind of like trying a new food to see if you like it or if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth but with talking to other people and for the sake of self discovery rather than flavor. Still kind of bothers me slightly though as I’m not sure it’s necessary.

  6. I’ve always had an imaginary girlfriend who I kiss before I go to sleep lol. When I was younger I would have lengthy pillow talk with her. I would actually look forward to being alone in my bed all day.

    I’m not schizophrenic because I know she doesn’t exist. Idk I just have a really good imagination I guess.

  7. Ok this is an extremely weird one bur everytime that I spin 360⁰ for any reason I have to spin the opposite way back because if not I’ll feel like I’m “tied”💀 do other people do this or am I just too far gone lmao

  8. People in advertisements get grossed out when they smell their own armpits. But in my case I love the smell of my armpits. (But not others. They gross me out)

  9. If my hands are idle, i tend to run my hands thru my beard/mustache.

    For some reason anytime Im drinking something out of a can (soda, beer, ect) i always get a papertowel and clean the top part before cracking it open.

  10. Whenever I eat pancakes, I stack them on top of each other, then cut the pile into 8ths like a stacked pizza pie. I then take the triangles and start to make concentric circles with them starting at the edge of the plate, inwards. At some point I did this as a kid to try to get as much syrup on every piece as possible.

    Now I do it cause pancakes (in my mind) don’t taste as good if they’re not like this.

  11. I keep humming quotes from Movies/Games, etc…

    I even do it better than the actors most of the time. You would see me cleaning the house and all of the sudden I hummus:

    “**Evil hum** you underestimate my power.”
    “**normal hum** it’s over, I have the high ground*

  12. The only way I can eat mandarins is by taking one slice in my mouth. Then get it between my right teeth, bite it apart exactly in the middle, so I have two nearly identical halves. Now get both parts on one end of the teeth each and finally chew.

    This is how I am eating them for at least the past decade, I don’t know why, but I can not eat them otherwise.

  13. I can’t grow a beard sadly, but I get random hairs on my face. So instead of shaving them I pull them out with tweezers. I literally lose my shit when I see them, like I can’t stop trying to pull them out until I find my tweezers.

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