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Men of Reddit, what makes you think that mustache is attractive?

I’m talking to you, beard fearing, mustache only men.

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  1. Hahaha. Why does a moustache have to be attractive?

    Defintkey a woman who posted this.

    We ain’t here just to please you lady.

    Any facial hair worn with the right intentions of masculinity is awesome.

  2. Having gone beard to stache to beard to no beard and repeat, I can say with confidence, having worked in an office building with 100 women, that different people find different things attractive.

  3. My dear lady you have to understand lots of guys can’t grow anything else. I can only grow a goatee which I’m sure is just as bad in your opinion. Yet I look like an ugly baby without. At least let me look like an ugly adult.

  4. My parents want me to keep my moustache, but it honestly sucks (I’m 18, and I look like a pedophile with just a moustache, so I grow a beard)

    That being said, a moustache is sick as fuck. If you can actually grow the full thing, that is a testament of your manhood. I would sure as hell keep a moustache if I could grow one.

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