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Men of Reddit, what is the most pathetic thing you’ve ever done?

Men of Reddit, what is the most pathetic thing you’ve ever done?

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  1. Let myself get abused mentally by the same woman until I finally snapped and almost violently lashed out . I got better, got help through it said everything on my mind to that hoe now I’m living a better life than her.

  2. Wrote an entire plan and budget for a clown dance posee, We’d travel around the world blank faced.. with different outfits each day, we’d never talk or stop dancing. Oh and we’d also do community service on weekends

  3. Nearly alienated my family for a girlfriend. Turns out my family was right and she was not being an honest woman – she was hiding a marriage. Cried pathetically and let my break up with her affect me.

  4. I have done a lot of pathetic things in life that I am ashamed of but this tops as I did it as a kid and deliberately.

    I Destroyed a friendship.
    We were a group of three friends in HS, lets call other two guys A and B. A and B were childhood friends and I was just a third wheel. Getting older, we were moving away from each other. A was leaving country and B was getting friendlier with a group which hated A. These guys were fueling the fire of misunderstandings. I was not interested and I didn’t care that A and B were no longer hanging out and I did nothing to resolve the conflicts.
    One day in a conversation between class and teacher, A said something which was not directed towards B but B would be included in that group, it was a silly statement and I knew A was not talking about B when he said those things (Now I really don’t know what the exact thing he said was). B was absent that day.
    Next day A and B came to me and wanted to clear the dust over it, A asked me to make B understand that it was not about him, I said “Man, you said B’s name, how can I defend you on this”, but the truth was he never uttered B’s name the day before.
    A looked at B with grave anger and B at me with total disgust. The guys fueled the fire again and now their friendship was broken, they trusted that I would be truthful but I lied and now the three of us have not spoken to each other after that day.
    I dont know why I did what I did, but whenever I recall the moment, nothing but anger and disgust fills in me against myself.

  5. Had a night where I felt really lonely and horny so I randomly messaged this woman on Instagram. The day after I realized what I did and apologized to her. At least she was cool about it.

  6. Kept sleeping with someone who cheated on me because I felt I couldn’t do better. I still believe I can’t though, I’ve been pathetic my whole life.

  7. Had sex with my girlfriend’s identical twin and when she found out I said it was an honest mistake, but she broke up with me for that and I started dating her sister.

  8. I bullied a guy in middle school for no good reason. I mean, there’s never a good reason for bullying but I literally had nothing. I’ve regretted it for years and I’ve tried a 4 or 5 times to track him down so I can apologize if nothing else so I can at least say I tried even if he holds it against me. Frankly I deserve any hate he has for me but I would at least like the chance to apologize. Can’t find the guy for the life of me though.

  9. I’m sitting here crying after drinking a few drinks listening to voicemails from my mom who died years ago.

    You never get over this shit. I miss my mom every day.

  10. Tried to “win back” somebody who’d already dumped me… Nothing is more pathetic, or humiliating… Not to be repeated (or emulated)! At least i got it out of my system early (13yo).

  11. I asked this girl out and she denied me but liked me enough to keep asking me to hangout? Was weird. Anyway I wrote her a poem for her birthday. Not gonna lie it was a good poem but I still cringe inside when I think about the incident.

  12. Geez…so many things to choose from.

    One time I matched with this woman who was pretty cute and seemed to have a lot together but who just had a different outlook on life than I like.

    So I proceeded to just talk shit about it.

    Somehow she ends up giving me her number.

    I talk more shit about….well many things for like 3 hours.

    The next day she’s telling me I’m really interesting. I don’t want to hear it because she’s not seeming into sex talk. So I just kinda drop it.

    She lets me know several hours later that she’s gonna take a shower and go to bed.

    I suggest I come over.

    She agrees on condition that hey, we will chat before she goes to sleep and that’s it.

    We get there and just go to her room and lay on her bed and I’m still just being a dickhead, then I ask her to give my arm a massage. She massages my arms (really really well) for like over half an hour.

    We start fooling around.

    We end up having unprotected sex and then when we go to change positions she stops and says she wants to use protection.

    I ask why. She says she doesn’t want to do that until she’s got more of a commitment from someone at least sexually.

    So I say “yeah thats fine. We’ll do that.”

    Her face drops.

    “Really is it? While I’m here holding your cock, you’re fine with that huh?”

    That turned her off completely and she suddenly was tired and had to go to bed.

    ^ example of an episode of hypomania with me going on constant stream of consciousness irritable rants and obviously being reckless.

    But yeah…the next day I was just like. Man that was….the entire thing was…..

  13. Begging my ex to talk to me after cutting me off. This went on for nearly a year. The only reason I stopped was due to her filing a no contact order against me which lasted a year.

    I’ll never beg for anything from anyone again. Not to keep in contact, not for human decency, nothing. It’s absolutely pathetic.

  14. Cried and begged a girl not to break up with me. I wasn’t even particularly into her, she was just real good at manipulation and preying on peoples insecurities, I snapped out of it but for a few minutes there I was a pathetic mess of tears. I still don’t completely know why I felt like that, she was like Derren Brown getting into my head.

  15. I was popular in highschool and one time bullied a kid for no reason. All of my friends were sitting together at lunch, going back and forth with some joke. And this why kid who had been sitting with us for months joined in on the joke. And I loudly said “Who are you?!” The rest of the table laughed and the kid looked like I punched him in the gut. Over a decade later I feel horrible whenever I remember i did that. I was never a bully before or since then, I don’t know why I cut him down like that.

  16. As a boy of about 11, having never been in a fight, I taunted and started a fight with another about the same age who really didn’t want to. He tried to talk me down, but I just grew bolder. Reluctantly, he beat my ass. I had no fighting skills and after a few punches in my face, I was defeated. Instead of admitting loss, I pretended I really hadn’t wanted to fight in the first place. He let me go. Ugh. Over 40 years later, I remember this like it was yesterday.

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