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Men of brisbane what do you believe women find most attractive in men? (Looks/fitness, personality, morals, ideals, beliefs, kindness, intelligence, eloquency, etc.)

Men of brisbane what do you believe women find most attractive in men? (Looks/fitness, personality, morals, ideals, beliefs, kindness, intelligence, eloquency, etc.)

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  1. Ya know I’m tempted to say looks but I know that I only think that because I don’t pass the bare minimum in that department lol, guess it’s interesting to think what they’d want more of if you’re attractive enough to consider.

  2. As you get older it’s less about looks and fitness etc and more about the person. Girls I’ve dated want honesty above all else, a good conversation, sense of humour..humility and similar interests + a guy that can do his part 50/50..oh yeah and someone who is not insecure or jealous.just my opinion though.

  3. I think it’s dependability. The kind of guy who takes care of himself and can take care of them and maybe some kids one day. That influences how the guy looks and his fitness level, etc, etc, etc.

  4. Scott Galloway, aka Prof G, says research has shown that the 3 things women want when looking for a partner, are intelligence, kindness and resources (i.e. wealth, income).

    Check out his book, “The Algebra of Happiness” or his podcast, “The Prof G Show”. He’s an interesting, intelligent guy.

  5. Confidence – nobody wants someone that constantly puts themselves down and is just hard work to be around all the time.

    Yes you can take the piss out of yourself, have a giggle about it but if it’s constant and they have to give reassurance over and over again, it gets draining.

  6. I think looks/fitness and then personality and intelligence in that order.

    I’m like 6”5 and I guess handsome(?) because I had like 5-6 girls approach me at the bar last time I went out. Some were actually pretty forward too, some making out w me or trying etc. (sorry I’m not trying to sound cocky or anything) but I think it’s mainly cos I’m tall, and I dress ok. I think next was because I’m funny or they saw me laughing with my friends so they think I must be ok to be around, then after that it would be intelligence because holding a conversation without sounding like a moron is important.

    Even after all these clues I still don’t get it, that well.

  7. Depends on the kind of relationship. For a hookup or fwb looks is the most important for a semi serious relationship looks first for a serious relationship or marriage kindness intelligence and finances first

  8. Confidence, looks, humor, friendliness and/or money/status are the the top I see.

    As far as I know, they couldn’t give less of a fook about intelligence, morals, principles, etc. lol

  9. Hard truth: looks is the most important aspect of you in terms of finding a partner/dating. If a woman doesnt find you attractive, she wont give a chance to your personality, humor, or any of those said qualities

  10. Humor and intelligence, followed by looks

    The thing is, they might find you handsome but they will quickly drop you if you are bad vibes or dumb. Now, if you have those 2 perks they will give you a chance over the looks. I will ask my girlfriend, just to be sure

  11. Looks and utility.

    You need one or the other to attract women.(utility means wealth, personal transport, owned home, useful set of skills. Basically anything that could be of service to her.)

  12. As a woman here I’ll answer what I look for… Humour, personality, kindness and a good nature. Good conversationalist. You don’t have to be super fit, just not obese. Lastly, you have to treat others well (as well as being kind to your partner).

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