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Men of brisbane what are some things you want to do but can`t do it?

Men of brisbane what are some things you want to do but can`t do it?

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  1. Wake up to find out that I’m 18, college starts tomorrow, this was all a very long, involved dream and now I can make different decisions and see how they play out.

  2. Be a teacher without being fucking judged for it. I love kids. I’m not a creep for wanting to pursue an education field. I just want to teach the next generations about home economics and how to cook and clean and take care of themselves because some of them might not get that at home.

  3. Ive somehow lost the abiltity to turn in bolts and hold stuff firmly with my left hand. Id like to do those things again. Ive dropped so many things in the last little while because of it.

  4. Talk about my feelings without being ridiculed and insulted. Being about to talk about relationships without that godawful ” did you fuck her yet” garbage as the only response. No more of that “man up” shit when I want to talk about things with someone.

  5. I want a career in a field I love/care about that I am really fucking good at that also consistently makes as much decent money as my current field of engineering

    My field isn’t interesting to me at all beyond a paycheck & the great people I meet

  6. I’m bored to fucking death of meeting someone new, meeting her friends and getting the same hollow threats about what they’ll do to me if I break her heart.

    I always want to turn around and ask if I had invited this girl to meet my friends, and one of them threatened to cut her tits off if she broke my heart, would that be okay? Why do some fathers feel comfortable threatening violence? If their daughter was meeting my parents, I’d want them to make her feel warm, welcome and respected. Why doesn’t that courtesy go both ways?

    Its just such a rude and disrespectful way to treat somebody you’ve just met. Kind of like those people who say that respect is earned, not given. Usually not the kind of person who’s respect you’re super motivated to earn, are they?

  7. My biggest dream is to rob a jewelry store. But because of past work, the state has my finger prints and photos n security clearances and shit. So if I ever did any crime, they’d find me too easy.

  8. I would like to be able to cold approach any woman I’ll like with out the usual “just leave me alone creep!” Or the “who are you and how did you got in my closet “

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