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Men of Reddit, what are some super cathartic songs?

Hit me with some Slipknot and I’m good.

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  1. I was gonna mention Slipknot’s People=Shit and Disasterpiece before I saw your post description

    Here are some of mine


    Stone Sour- Fabuless

    Three Days Grace- The Good Life

    Highly Suspect- Claudeland/ Look Alive, Stay Alive/ Canals/ Postres

    Grandson-Rain/ Apologize/ OH No!!/ We Did It

    I Prevail- Bow Down

    Avenged Sevenfold- Bat Country

    The Pretty Reckless- Fucked Up World/ Kill Me/ Going To Hell

    EDEN- rock + roll/ drugs

    And probably many others that I can’t recall

  2. White chapel-the saw is the law

    Dimmu Borgir- apostasy

    Lamb of god- walk with me in hell

    Emily autumn- syringe

    Ministry- just one fix

    NIN- March of the pigs

    NIN- the becoming

    Tool- prison sex

    Tool- sober

    That’s all I got off the top of my head, unless you want hip hop recommendations.

  3. Holding out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler.


    Head Over Feet & You Oughta Know from the Jagged Little Pill musical (Not that the originals aren’t great, but the broadway cast really cranked these two up a notch)

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