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Men of Reddit, this is my 3rd day without Jerking off, I feel like I am about to lose, what do I need to do to keep going on this winning streak?

Men of Reddit, this is my 3rd day without Jerking off, I feel like I am about to lose, what do I need to do to keep going on this winning streak?

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  1. Lol fuck all these guys bro. I’m proud of you. Keep going. If this is the change you want to make in your life do it.

    It’s difficult. It took me upwards of 2 years after realizing I wanted to change and start fighting my PMO addiction to be able to consistently go weeks without it. I now no longer have to count the days I’ve gone without it. I simply go about my life.

    I still fuck up maybe once a month. Again I don’t count anymore, but I never give up when I relapse, I get back up and do better. I remember how far I’ve come, how bad it was before and how much progress I’ve made.

    Keep your head up King. You got this

  2. Don’t think of it as a streak. Just consider that it’s not an option anymore. And even if you relapse, keep trying. It’s about small efforts everyday, dont think about yesterday or tomorrow

  3. Why don’t you just masturbate?

    I hope you know that nofap is just a bunch of crap. The only thing you’re learning is discipline and there are better ways to learn that.

  4. Meditation helps. I also practice Bhakti yoga.

    I can’t remember the last time I had a release. Probably around two weeks. I’m at the point where I don’t even think about it. I know it’s not a physical thing because it’s clearly still there standing at attention as it always been; I’m just able to control my thoughts a lot better than I use to.

  5. Keep going may he little hard first week but then will get easier. Workout, keep urself busy, and control urself 💪
    Always remember in the worst case scenario and u slipped one now worries start again and again till u do it IT IS DOABLE!

  6. i’m no nofap expert but my guess is to get the hell out of ur comfort zone before the temptation takes over and it’s too late. the more lazy and comfortable you are the more tempted you are to do it. no young man can sit in bed all day and *not* think about jerking it off after 3 days of being fap free. that’s just not possible

    go outside and be active my friend you got this.

  7. Utilize that energy for something productive. Working out when your balls are about to explode is a different ball park. There’s a reason why fighters abstain from any form sexual pleasure. You’ll be sweating testosterone, literally!

    Ask yourself this, why is porn free and easily accessible?


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