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Men of Reddit, How to live life according to you?

Men of Reddit, How to live life according to you?

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  1. My number one rule is: Try to see everything from both sides, it’s surprisingly easy to understand where people are coming from and even if you still disagree, that’s fine, and it’s better than simply passing them off as “unintelligent” or “misinformed”.
    Too bad most brisbaneors are just trying to get karma so they’ll simply attack you based on the worst possible group in your political preferences.

  2. Acknowledge the fact that your life is unimportant in the big scope, that it’s going to end one day, that you’re not going to fulfill all your goals and that once you die, it won’t be that much of problem even for the people closest to yourself.

    Acknowledge all that and adjust your perspective and actions to match these facts.

    It’s damn liberating.

  3. Four rules:

    1) be able to take care of you and yours.

    2) don’t be an asshole.

    3) don’t tolerate assholes more than necessary to complete 1 and 2.

    4) do whatever the hell you like to the extent that it doesn’t interfere with 1-3.

    I consider these to be gender neutral.

  4. Don’t be a prick, for starters. Be into the hobbies/interests you are into and try to avoid the pitfalls of someone who’s stereotypically into those things (like being a gatekeeping twat or letting your depression/insecurity run wild if you like nerdy stuff)

    Be chill, be pragmatic and don’t take bullshit even if gets you flack or called a bigot. (by the overzealous people out there)

  5. Work during the week, play during the weekend. Find hobbies that keep you excited. Do what makes you happy.

    Edit: Wear a cool hat on the weekend.

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