Men of reddit, do you give compliments to other men? What was the last compliment you gave to another guy?

Do you? And how often?

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  1. It’s usually superficial like a haircut or clothes but only gets deep if a guy brings something specific up like his weight or if he is having girl problems. I might send hints of compliments like by joking about something rather than complimenting it and he should know what I mean

  2. sure, all the time on /r/normalnudes

    guys are downvoted constantly there by losers (other males) who can’t stand to see penises on the internet…..there’s nothing wrong with seeing another dude and going “hey, he’s got a good body”

    a simple “look’n good bro” can go a long way to help someone’s confidence

  3. I’m male, an American and we complement each other all the time. I happen to work in an organization, full of men and women, where everyone comes from everywhere. A few weeks ago a buddy of mine used a big, smart word that fit the situation we were all in while having a group conversation over some company computers that seriously needed to be replaced. So a few more of us decided to get our Mr. Spock on while at the same time educating each other with a few more big words that you don’t hear too often. Best conversation I’ve had in a long while and I told them so without hesitation. We still laugh about that one but I think the bar has now been raised to a higher level and I for one I’m happy to be a part of that.

  4. Nice suit (proceed to talk about different formal attire variations well waiting to meet with our advisors) i complement other guys who i think dress well or have on a cool graphic tee with a mech or some shit on it.

  5. Yeah, fairly frequently. I’ll compliment or at least try to thank my friends pretty regularly. Any time the opportunity comes up. Some of my friends are notoriously difficult to compliment, though, so I usually don’t push the issue with them.

    I also started randomly picking out guys and complimenting them in public. I’m not going to say I do this all the time or anything. But I did notice that other guys seem to respond positively when I do this.

    There’s no set timer for it. I do it when the opportunity presents itself. “Hey, cool shirt.” It’s basically that simple. You don’t even have to make it into a conversation.

  6. Met a dude at a university national competition who looked like a discount younger Grant Gustin

    While talking I asked if anybody told him he looks like Grant Gustin. He said “Sorry who’s that?”

    I said “the guy who plays the Flash on TV. You could pass for like his younger cousin or something.”

    He was like “Damn. No nobody has said that. Thank you he’s a very good looking dude”

  7. All the damn time! If it’s my co-workers, I’ll compliment them on their clothing if I like it or any work they may have had to present. If it’s my friends, it’ll more relayed to the fact that I missed them and it’s great to see them. And then actually listen to what they have to say, the ultimate compliment.

  8. I compliment on their deeds, something they made, to encourage them to do more.
    Great drawing, it’s a great project that you have there, keep up with the good work.

  9. Yes. It depends. I usually give only genuine complements, so I have to observe for a while first.

    The last one was “you’re really smart guy, so it will be perfectly fine”.

  10. I do. I’m intentional about it. And it’s not just on what they did or what they have, considering those are the most common and obvious markers for being a successful man. I always think about human beings: it’s who we are, not what we do or have that makes us unique, although those can be things that express that as well. But we are human beings, not human doings or human havings.

    Perhaps this stems from my own desire to receive compliments. Tell me I have a nice shirt, I’ll wear the shit out of it, sure. Tell me I’m thoughtful or considerate, I’ll build on that shit to keep me trucking.

  11. I do all the time. I’m gay, though, so I don’t know if that counts. But I compliment my straight friends all the time without any intention of getting with them. Life can be really shitty when nobody acknowledges you.

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