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Men of Askmen, What Do You Look Like (Summer 2020)?

Sup shitlords,

It’s that time again, where you karmawhores get to doxx yourselves by posting pictures on the internet so that you might get attention from random people who would never speak to you otherwise. Before we open the floodgates, here are some rules:

* imgur links only please. Instagram links will be removed. If you don’t know how to upload to imgur, google it.

* Don’t be that neckbeard who makes awkward ohhhual advances in the comments. Anyone who does that cops a perma. If you want to learn how to give compliments to people without sounding like a total perv, go to wikihow or something.
* This is the thread for dudes. If you’re a lady posting in this thread, it will be removed. The ladies thread will also be posted and is here:
* oh yeah, and if you’re going to make comments like “i’m too insecure to post a picture here lmao” instead of actually participating then your comment will be removed as well.

Happy posting, and just remember: you’re only doing this because you’re insecure.

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