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Men, how do you feel if you see an online dating profile of a girl with another guy?

I’m helping a friend set up her profile and she has a photo of her and a guy friend at the beach, with his arm around her.

How would you feel about this? Would you assume anything about her? Would you still swipe right on her?

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  1. Pass. Whoever this dude is clearly she’s not over him because she still posting pictures of them together. If I’m going to date someone I’m not trying to compete with an ex.

  2. I think it’s better not to. Is that her and an ex? Or her brother? Or is she a flirty person and constantly around guys?

    I don’t mind guy friends, but in a dating profile you want to avoid giving people any reasons to swipe left.

  3. Why tho, a dating profile is about you no?

    Its not even about it being another dude i wanna see you not your friend, sister, brother, father,…

    In general for me one picture with multiple people is fine, more than that and my interest is gone. Oh and putting a smiley over their face does not help.

  4. >she has a photo of her and a guy friend at the beach, with his arm around her.

    It’s pretty tone deaf that she thought that was a good photo to use in the first place.

    It’d be one thing if it was a group photo of her and a few other people in a social setting and one or two of those people happened to be dudes and others happened to be other women. It’s quite another for her to have a photo of just her and one specific other dude who is in some kind of intimate pose with her.

  5. Assuming I liked what I saw in her, I’d swipe right and then ask about the guy. I’d assume that she would be single/available, but confirmation would be necessary before any chance at a meetup.

  6. When it comes to pictures on dating profiles, the worst interpretation is the one that will be taken. Here, I would absolutely wonder who the fuck the dude is. Is he just a friend, an ex she still hangs out with, some guy that’s her friend but secretly wants to bang her? I won’t automatically swipe left solely based on that, but it definitely is a bit of a negative. Best to not include that one in my opinion. Same goes for pictures with other people’s kids.

  7. It would be a bit confusing. It would feel like you’re looking but also kinda hanging to your past relationship. Maybe you’re actually doing this to make your ex jealous so he’ll come back?

    If I saw that, I’d think you’re still thinking about your ex.

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