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Meet Me At The Fountain by Jenna Klein
After writing and recording an album, we did 5 videos in 5 days, and people said it could never be done. I love doing the impossible. Most of the videos were filmed in LA. All of the clothes came from join me on twitter & facebook, reverbnation & myspace, under JennaKleinMusic for all. Let me know what u think. I read these comments myself.
Jenna Klein has had a dream for most of her life. Born on March 6, in Corpus Christi, Texas, away from the large entertainment and music centers of the country, she wasn’t sure how she was going to make her dream happen. Jenna’s love of music, combined with her poetic sensibility, led her to focus on a career in songwriting. She started writing lyrics when she was eight years old, telling one story after another about her life. Some of the stories were happy; some were sad, some introspective, some not so much. She was trying to find out who she really was besides what others saw when they looked at her.

What did Jenna’s peers see when she was a young girl, and what do they see today when they look at her? At first they notice her elegance, her shyness, her gentleness, and, of course, her outer beauty. And they are right; all these qualities are there, but there are so many more.

Getting to know Jenna is fun. You learn that her growing up in a small city on the Gulf Coast, she has always been drawn to the water, which also inspired her earliest writing. Jenna’s love of Rock, Country, and Rap make her a crossover artist and has led to two of her other passions–dance and gymnastics. In high school she could use her gymnastics as a cheerleader, but Jenna is inquisitive and loves learning, so you may be surprised to learn that she also was valedictorian of her senior class. With all her many accomplishments, you would have to find out about the last two from this bio because one of Jenna’s nicest qualities is her genuine humility. Jenna continued her education after high school and went on to graduate from Stanford University, where she studied history. Her honor’s thesis chronicled an early civil rights leader during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. All her academic experiences helped refine her skills and deepen her passion for writing. After working for a time in San Diego, Jenna moved to New York, where she joined The Songwriters’ Circle, a showcase for emerging talent.

Finally, we come to one of the most important qualities that inspire Jenna’s writing. Jenna has grown up in South Texas, which is known for the friendliness of its people. She has been brought up by two loving parents, who might not always agree with all her decisions, but they have always supported her. They have instilled in her a true interest in others that is reflected in her songs. She will never run out of subjects and themes to write about because she knows how to listen and she cares about people. Jenna devotes much of her time to fundraisers for organizations dedicated to empowering survivors of human trafficking and increasing awareness of people’s rights worldwide. Do you want to learn more about Jenna Klein: then listen to her music.


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