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Many of us stop seeing psychologist because its too expensive service. possible affordable solution

I am not sure if you have ever dealt with psychology service. It’s very expensive service, even with Medicare. It’s currently a serious problem and many are suffering in silence. [](

We are a small Brisbane based team have been working on a side project since 2012 to find a more affordable approach for mental health care. The solution uses Expert Systems (A simple form of Artificial Intelligence) to emulates some psychologist services, aiming to reduce the number of required therapy sessions and also help patients to implement changes in their lives. The platform enables psychologists to develop or use existing autonomous (or semi-autonomous with minor provisioning) programs that run on their patients’ mobile phones to monitor and implement changes. with two moths trial we have getting promising results so far.

I’ve recorded a short video clip about the solution : [](

Its now open to public but we can only accept handful of clients at this stage. the service will be provided by licensed psychologist in Brisbane. [](

Brisbane Structural Engineers Brisbane Structural Engineers

If you are a psychologist and willing to trial the solution please send me a private message. Either on your clients or clients from Tuners.

It’s a self funded project and we are trying hard (cut from salary) to move it forward. If you know how we can grow it as a non-for profit or alternative approach please message me.

** I dint expect to receive much constructive feedbacks and support! 🙂 Much appreciated! 🙂

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