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Looking for Housemate in Clayfield

Hi! Have made a throwaway just for this purpose but I am thinking of looking for a housemate for my rental in Clayfield.

I am looking for 450 a fortnight including utilities. It is a room with air con and own bathroom including bath and separate toilet. Super close to bus the city.

I’m female, early 30s.

I work full time and like my home life to be quiet so would prefer someone who lays pretty low. I’m also anxious and socially awkward so dont mind if you are too! I don’t mind how you live your life, I’d be fine with a stoner type moving in to be honest although I don’t smoke myself. If you get drunk every night though it’s probably not the place for you.

I’m not a super neat freak so can tolerate a lived in home but not to the point of grossness. and I keep pet rats in the lounge room so you must be able to tolerate this!

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If you’re a little bit of a weirdo in the same way I’m a little bit of a wierdo we should get along fine.

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