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Looking for advice on companies that deal with difficult retaining walls

So my parents recently bought a home within around an hour or so of Brisbane that is lovely, but needs some touch ups as its getting on a bit. One thing they are wanting to do is redo/reinforce the retaining walls on the land. It’s a relatively hilly piece of land and the ones that are already there are starting to lean a little due to the age. They had a general landscaper out to see what it would cost and they outright refused saying it was impossible to get machinery into.

They are, obviously, very upset and worried about the purchase now. As am I – it’s meant to be their retirement home and their last purchase. I’m no expert, but my thoughts are it might cost more and might mean damaging something like the existing driveway or the current walk way in but something has to be possible? It’s not the only hilly piece of land that exists and they had to put them in in the first place.

I’m hoping that to help them out someone on here might know:

a) what kind of profession is the “next step up” as the are in a better position to deal with the complexity of the land and engineer some kind of solution and

b) groups/companies that could quote them on that work

Brisbane Structural Engineers Brisbane Structural Engineers

Thank you in advance for any tips you could provide! If there’s a better place to post this please let me know 🙂

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