Leo DiCaprio’s Mom ‘Worried’ ‘Noncommittal’ Actor Will Drive Model Girlfriend Camila Morrone Away

Leonardo DiCaprio better hurry up and propose to girlfriend Camila Morrone – and has exclusively learned that’s on his mom’s orders!

Irmelin (Indenbirken) adores Camila and has seen her as daughter-in-law material pretty much from day one, and she’s worried Leo could drive her away if he doesn’t stop being so flaky and non-committal.”

As Radar has reported, the couple have been dating since December 2017 after they were introduced by Morrone’s stepfather, actor Al Pacino.

Leo’s mom has had plenty of time to grill and get to know her potential daughter-in-law, especially after she and Leo’s dad, George, traveled through Italy with the lovebirds, not to mention her parents, Maximo Morrone and Lucila Solá.

On August 4, the group was spotted having a great time taking in the gardens and fountains at the luxury resort Villa d’Este on Lake Como in northern Italy.

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