Latinos represent more than a quarter of all COVID-19 deaths: CDC – live news stream

Nancy Alvarez, morning anchor at ABC affiliate WFTV channel 9, discussed her efforts to inform Spanish-speaking members of the community during the pandemic.




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  1. Media is TRYING to make it a racist / poor vs. rich issue.
    Now Latinos are jumping on the "COVID is Racist & So Are You" bandwagon.
    It's A Fuking GERM. How Is That Racist?

  2. It's because most Latinos are religious and believe the blood of christ will protect them from this virus, smh. C'mon people start believing in science it's been thousands of years. You're invisible god can't protect you……

  3. That is normal, because they are too wild and many do not believe that they can get the Virus, I hear some of them saying to me when they see me with my lovely mask: Dont you believe in God? I say: Yes I do but, also read in the Bible says: Pray and Watch upon yourselves.

  4. You idiots aren’t even going to talk about real facts like how the virus has caused the deaths of older generation and the real elderly people around the world. So it’s not what race, it is about killing off those who are 60 and over, the old folks are dying at an alarming rate from covid 19.

  5. I sincerely hope all my Latino friends get vote this November and if your State allows mail in , do it –i have no choice as I work Mon-Thurs in FL 12 hour shifts. So important to vote.

  6. Nikola Tesla quote: “Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. ” DAL ©® Universe 94 books written down on Republic ™ Electrical Magnetic Pulse solution.

  7. The virus has targeted the boomer generation and the silent generation of all races. Don’t matter if you’re rich, poor or middle class. If you’re a boomer or silent generation, the virus will get you.

  8. LIES LIES LIES. These racist demons want to spread anxiety and fear! This leads to a compromised immune system. My Latina mother cleans in a hospital btw she is good. Thank God! Don't let them make you become anxious or stress…. THESE DEMONS want you to die from a compromised immune system. Stay home or stay safe. Don't fear! These racist are real!

  9. That's because they don't take care of themselves and don't study to get a professional career. I'm Latino and I know first hand how they abuse their bodies, refuse to learn English, and prefer to get government handouts. It's humiliating. I knew I didn't want that, studied, and made something out of myself.

  10. "A Nation Divided"? The hypocrisy of the news media knows no bounds. Nobody works harder to "divide" America than the Network Newscasters. All they ever do is divide the people by race, religion, politics and social class. They are not informing the public. They are reading a script given to them by their corporate overlords.

  11. I thought the colored FOLK were suffering greater NUMBERS and TODAYS HEADLINE says the Navajo nation is getting hammered with the largest numbers per capita. So I'm gonna consider Y'ALL a 3 WAY TIE. WHITE FOLK BEST GENES PROVEN.

  12. It’s due to the culture. Large Latino families live in smaller spaces making it impossible to isolate if one member of the family gets sick. The families are very close-knit

  13. Our Constitution is written solely in English. Basic personal responsibility would dictate that if you are living in a foreign country for the foreseeable future, you at least learn the fundamentals of the most widely spoken language in that particular country. I wouldn't move to France without understanding basic French, or if I was forced to move I would make a conscious effort at learning as quickly as I can so I can adapt. Some people just can't accept even the most basic of responsibilities I guess.

  14. Just making a running list here… so at first was the elderly, then we had blacks as having a high rate of contracting/deaths of covid, a couple of weeks ago it was Native Americans, last week young children, this week it is Latinos. Who’s the next targeted group to be spotlighted as the face of death of this virus 🤔

  15. ALL IMMIGRANTS should be MANDATED to learn AND SPEAK The English Language AND BECOME USA CITIZENS while living in our country, while they are TAKING our American Dollars FOR FREE withOUT paying taxes or offering donations to our Homeless or our Vietnam Veterans, etc…. MANY WORK WITH NO PAPERS OR WITH FAKE ILLEGAL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. THEY ARE GodLESS WITH ZERO RESPECT FOR THE USA & THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THEY HAVE ZERO CLASS. ZERO HUMANITY. THEY ARE TAKERS. NEVER GIVING TO THE USA. AND, THE USA GOV offers THESE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS unsurmountable Benefits for Free, while our own Americans IN NEED are rejected such Benefits.! Why should Americans have to waste tax dollars to learn THEIR language?!!! What would THEIR country do for us if we were there? Absolutely Nothing, except maybe harm us in some way. These Newscasters are a disgrace. Shame on all of you COMMUNIST Democrats!

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