Jon Karl presses White House press sec. on Pres. Trump's tweeted claim | ABC News – live news stream

Jon Karl presses White House press sec. Kayleigh McEnany on Pres. Trump’s tweeted claim about mail-in voting in California.

Twitter has added fact-checks to the tweets. Multiple studies have shown no evidence of widespread fraud in mail-in voting.

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  1. there have been so few actual instances of voter fraud, this is a made up crisis. Oh, and the two most recent ones were republican primary elections I believe.

  2. Desperately reaching for anything to blame everything on anyone but Trump. What is he so worried about he didn't win the popular vote by 3 million votes in 2016. It's pay to win and not about what the people actually want. Go democracy!!! Sure wish we had it in America.

  3. All she does is read numbers, I would like to see facts. They're afraid they will be crushed by Democrats and Republicans that have seen the light and are ashamed to support Trump .

  4. She's as dishonest as her boss. They are a national security risk and due to the steady chain of lies coming from them, they are a gigantic public health risk.
    Its shameful and its costing lives.
    Its a form of evil that is on par with Adolph Hitler.
    He's killing his own supporter's.
    He knows he's not going to win so he now chooses to corrupt the entire voting process.
    He's a con man and a piece of crap.
    A mountain of lies and hate.
    Watch closely as the number of covid 19 skyrocket.

  5. These people are either ignorant or liars or both. Voting is usually controlled at the county level. There are 3,007 counties in America. Mail in ballots are printed, distributed by and returned to the county. Each one maintains a voter registration list. You get to vote once. Fraudulent registration and voting are a crime, felonies in many states. Very few people are willing to commit a felony or two to cast a single vote.

  6. While I do not for a second feel empathy for someone who knows her job is to try to explain away trump's machine gun style lies, I can't imagine how difficult it is…. to sell your reputation, dignity…. whether it's less than a year, or four more…. you're relatively young, and obviously want to continue on with your career after this blight leaves his office…. outside of a FoxNews, burnt-scalp blonde willing to show the goods for all of the old white creeps out there you'll be retired before your 40.

  7. This press secretary needs to be led out by the nose, and flogged for lying to the people. Then send her to a brothel in Bangladesh to work multiple men a day for $2 a day. Then see if she lies.

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