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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrives on visit to the US

Andrews Air Force Base
1. Wide tracking shot of Japanese plane landing
2. Extreme wide of plane taxiing on runway
3. Mid of plane flying US and Japanese flags taxiing
4. Mid zoom out of plane parked on runway
5. Mid of red carpet being rolled out to stairs
6. Wide of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe walking down plane steps and shaking hands with officials
7. Mid of Abe on tarmac walking towards his limo
8. Wide pan, then zoom out of Abe leaving in limo with motorcade
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in the United States on Thursday for a White House meeting with President Barack Obama.
Abe is seeking to reinforce the longstanding US-Japan alliance at a time of high regional tension stoked by a Japan-China territorial dispute and a North Korean nuclear test.
He arrived at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington where he will meet Obama on Friday.
The two leaders will also discuss economic ties.
The Obama administration will be gauging Japan’s intent to join a trans-Pacific trade agreement that is under negotiation.
Abe plans to appeal to Obama for wider access to cheaper exports of US shale gas, Japanese media reported earlier in the week.
Abe’s office would not confirm those reports.
Abe took office in December vowing to boost the economy by restoring Japan’s export competitiveness, while at the same time stimulating demand at home through higher public works spending.
He also has promised to push ahead with politically tough reforms needed to sustain growth in the longer term, though such efforts have not made much headway in the past.
Abe is the fifth Japanese prime minister during Obama’s time in office.

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