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Is there anyone in /r/brisbane that would be interested in working with me on my side project, or other business owners here that could benefit from this project?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone here might be interested in helping me with a small project I’ve been sitting on for 14 years, and finally put together this week?

I guess this is an /r/brisbane exclusive offer 🙂 I’ve been active here to varying degrees on this account and my other account, you guys have been amazing, and I’ve successfully connected with other entrepreneurs here in the past so I am hopeful this will work!

I’m a 30 year old computer geek who never really went down the IT career path. Instead I treated “IT / Web Design / Digital Marketing” as my passion and pursued my career in Work Health & Safety instead (a boring and kinda annoying topic I know, but it pays the bills!).

I’ve always been very “entrepreneurially minded”, I’ve started many side projects to varying degrees of success, but never fully stuck with anything. This time around I’ve decided to combine my “career” with my passion and create an online resources for Work Health & Safety in Queensland. Please hear me out!!

Brisbane Structural Engineers Brisbane Structural Engineers

In the past 10 years I’ve ran a small business on the side helping other small construction based businesses and tradies either start or expand their business – or I’ve built their safety systems and just charged a small hourly rate.

I see so many of these small business owners get completely screwed by “consultants” who charge $5 – $30k + for some shitty templated safety system they built 10 years ago.

Right now more so than ever before, we need small businesses to prosper. I know its not much, but I figured I’d like to do my part by putting together a “basic” safety system that businesses can download for free, that will meet all of the legislative requirements in Queensland.

Instead of me becoming “just another consultant” that charges out the ass to do this stuff, I wanted to do it for free so that small business owners have one less hurdle to jump over when launching their own businesses or trying to secure bigger contracts.

In addition to this, my experience in the past 15 years working in various Work Health & Safety roles has taught me that its difficult to find simple answers about safety, and most safety professionals like me charge money to interpret legislation. This website is intended as a “go between”, people can submit safety questions, I’ll research them an answer them for free – this gives me content, and it gives business owners in Queensland a place to get simple and researched answers.

A safety system that has ISO accreditation is something I would like to aim for down the track. Obviously whilst I want to provide free resources, this is still my career – I do not want to get rich off this, but it would be cool if I could make a living from it eventually – my long term goal is to put together a full system and then get it accredited (I personally know a few auditors) – this would be the “paid” version of my product that could be customized for each client, and I’m so confident I can offer it cheaper than all the current competitors I see in this market.

Right now, I am looking for people from /r/brisbane who:

1. Are business owners and would like some free advertising on my website as a “sponsor” for 6 months, in exchange for helping me spread the word about my site
2. People who are passionate about or have an interest in Work Health & Safety who would like to help me run the site and write blog posts
3. People who have a business model along the same lines (e.g. training companies, test and tag companies, rigging & lifting companies) who might be interested in writing a “guest post” for our site, in exchange for a “backlink” back to theirs.

I’ve already poured countless hours into this project, and I intend on using my own money to pay for advertising over the next 3-6 months – so even if you don’t want to support us long term, I figured some small business owners here might appreciate the free exposure?

If you’ve come this far and you’re still interested / reading, the project is [](

Let me know your thoughts!

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