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Is the lower end of Countess Street a 40 km/h zone?

Anyone know if the lower (Roma St) end of Countess St is a 40 km/h zone or not? There’s one speed sign on the left-side of the road (just after the point where Secombe St intersects with it) which indicates 40 km/h… but nothing else. Is this speed limit applicable to Countess St or is it for the small entrance to the railway yard? Some preliminary searching of the usual places yields no information about this. Interestingly, Google Streetview has a 60 sign facing the traffic but on the reverse side you see a 40 sign. Edit: the Streetview image is dated Aug 2019.

Anyone know what the deal is?

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  1. I have seen the 40km/hr mentioned by OP as well (not sure when this changed, as I recall it being 60km/hr in Dec 2019 – as per the GoogleStreet view. Given that the Google STreetview shows a 40km/hr on the reverse of the 60km/hr sign, someone has turned it around – the question is whether it was BCC or someone else as a “prank”. It would be good to know if this a NEW speed limit for this part of Countess Street, as there is also some sort of camera ~50m further down on countess St (also on the left side just before the big APN advertising board, and visible on Google Streetview) – this could be a speed camera to CATCH unsuspecting motorists who haven’t noticed the change in the speedlimit from 60 to 40 km/Hr

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