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Is “fighting feelings” for a girl a real thing? What kind of situation makes you not want to face those feelings?

Is “fighting feelings” for a girl a real thing? What kind of situation makes you not want to face those feelings?

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  1. When they’re clearly out of my league I’ve fought my feelings to forget about them.

    Also women who lead you on but never initiate anything I have an easy time falling for, less easy time forgetting about.

  2. when i end up being friends with a girl i have a crush on. most of the time i dont really care because hey a friend i dont have many of those. there are times when im in my feelings and i dont wanna mention anything because i dont wanna ruin an existing friendship. ive also been lead on a fair amount of times and that sucks

  3. While still recovering from an extremely abusive and manipulative relationship, met a girl who is honestly amazing to me, who also got out of an abusive relationship and isn’t ready for anything like that. We live over 550 miles away, and I already know I’ve fallen pretty hard for her and had to kind of nip that in the bud because the overall situation seems very hopeless, especially since she really doesnt chat with me anymore.. so yeah, definitely exists

  4. A lot of people can be afraid of being in love, either because they’ve been hurt before or because they feel like they’re going to hurt anyone they love. Not even just men it also happens to women a lot. So those people will often simply not want to admit that they have feelings for anyone.

  5. I caught feelings for my best friend/fwb. We had a great thing going and I fought those feelings all the time for a while til they kinda just faded and things are back to normal

  6. I used to go into bouts of severe depression and my mind would confuse feeeling a little better when spending time with female friends with something more. It took a couple times to see the pattern but once I did I would have to dight the thoughts/ersatz feelings

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