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In your opinion what is way more expensive than it should be?

In your opinion what is way more expensive than it should be?

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  1. In the US, insulin. People literally need it to not die and the price gouging from big pharma over the last few years is nothing short of criminal.

    Between 2012 and 2016, the drug’s cost has nearly doubled. A 50/50 vial now costs an average of $390.23.

    Type 1 diabetes tend to use two or three vials of insulin per month. At the current cost of one vial of 50/50, these patients would spend $780 to $1,170 on their insulin every month. Type 2 Diabetes patients can require even more insulin per month, sometimes requiring six or more vials. This would add up to $2,341 or more every month.

    Just to stay alive.

    This is essentially because of manufacturer, health plan & PBM biz practices They make $$ as a % of the ballooning list price so they have zero incentive to lower price on 100 yr old drug.

  2. Lasik eye surgery. It should be covered by insurance but it’s not. Apparently being able to see is considered optional.
    Before anyone comes at me about glasses and contacts, my eyesight is so bad glasses and contacts don’t work well for me.
    Side note: glasses and contacts are way too expensive too.

  3. Education, Healthcare, housing. I as 45 year old am very sad/angry/frustrated for the generations after me. But more importantly I am very angry at the people my age who think the status quo is normal because back then “we didn’t had iPhones”, bitch please.

  4. Home ownership.

    In 1955, the average American income was about $3,000’ish while the average American home cost $18,000’ish. So, buying a home back then cost six times one’s annual salary. That was imminently doable for most people.

    In 2021, the average American income is $31,000’ish while the average American home costs $293,000’ish. That’s nearly 9.5 times one’s annual salary. Yeah, good fucking luck with that.

    (Nb4 my number is skewed by Boomers and their McMansions, yes, that’s true but Boomer McMansions don’t even come close to accounting for the entire 9.5 multiplier)

  5. Housing.


    In which world can the honest hard work of one person can support 1 parent taking care of children, + 1 or 2 retired grand parents + X young children?

    It was the case 2 to 3 generations ago. I advocate for gender equalities, but it didn’t have to come with both having to work 100% of their time while having no money.

  6. In the US the fed just announced a 6.8 inflation rate which I personally believe is more like 10-15%.

    That means everything is more expensive right now. Housing, vehicles, health care, food, basically almost everything. Personally I believe housing is the worst but my opinion could be biased due to my high cost of living area.

  7. Modern video games. Seriously, why does FIFA 22, a game that looks incredibly similar to FIFA 21, cost $60? As well as that, why do item cosmetics cost so much? Some items can cost up to $20 in some games. I can buy a 10+ hour game on my PS3 with that money.

  8. Jeans. I can’t seem to find decent jeans for under like $60 nowadays. Like 10 years ago it was like $20-35 but now all pants are wildly expensive and pretty crappy quality.

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