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In YOUR experience what is more important: Money or Love?

In YOUR experience what is more important: Money or Love?

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  1. Love, if we talk about love in general; partner, family, friends, etc. without that everything becomes empty and meaningless , at least from me since i already experienced it once

  2. Love but if I ever have kids with the person I’m broke with I’d probably choose money for the kids sake. Also I’d be a wreck and I’d fuck up the love part I’m sure if I was broke with children to feed and care for

  3. Money, to a degree, and then love. Look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Money itself is nothing. But money can help address your more basic needs. But once you have that, moving up the hierarchy, love is the more important of the two.

  4. It’s nice to think love, but ultimately I find it disingenuous.

    Offer any rich person the chance to have the partner they always wanted, the family they always wanted, a home filled with unending love…but they have to give up their riches and struggle with money.

    Not a single one will choose love. Not a single one.

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