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in need of Youth Work placement

Hey there Bris Fam, what are some tips for a girl who is new to Brisbane to look for placement in Youth Work? I am studying a Cert IV and having trouble locating placement. Currently looking for any community centres that run recreative or educative processes in line with youth work.

– Tableau, Basic Python, interest in data science
– Locating documents related to curricullum currently also studying teaching for secondary science and humanities
– Basic Webdev, CSS
– Intermediate excel
– Know some partner dancing

Wishlist that may not be answered for some:

– Does not require an opens
– opportunity to fundraise and run grants
– involved in educative processes in line with activities ( so if they have footy or art they also have homework club and free tutoring help or platforms and programs for networking in industry)
– can run simple errands
– is not a church or religious affiliated youth group (if possible)
– Brisbane North
– Greater Brisbane area

How can I put my best foot forward and secure placement?
And what are some tips to scoring it when you don’t have any industry connections in brisbane?

Brisbane Structural Engineers Brisbane Structural Engineers
[Youth Work practice Code of ethics](

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