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If you woke up one day and had to relive high school, what might you do differently?

If you woke up one day and had to relive high school, what might you do differently?

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  1. Give less of a shit what people think of me and focus on thing I find cool and interesting not stuff that would make me popular…. cause all those kids… I never spoke to afterwards

  2. I’d have more confidence about everything. Especially socially. I spent way too much time worrying what other kids thought of me or worrying about how I was coming across. Now I wouldn’t give a damn about what a bunch of high school kids think

  3. With current knowledge. Study and get a side job and invest into bitcoin, amd, tesla, gme massively and either avoid women or use condom atleast.

    Without current knowledge, change nothing.

  4. Get in better shape earlier so I can actually play football .. like some people wanted me to. 2-a-days in the July heat suck, made worse if your conditioning is shit.

    Also, be more outgoing. I missed a lot of opportunities by being an introvert.

  5. I’d probably kill myself.

    My time in school wasn’t even that bad. But even right now in my mid 30s, I have recurring nightmares of me being in school and forgetting to prepare for an exam. It makes little sense. I kinda breezed through school by doing the least amount of work possible.

    A “NewGame+” option would make it even easier – which means I’d be bored to shit. And if I’d go into it with a “clean slate” and a wiped brain, I’ just make the same mistakes all over again.

  6. Pay attention in Russian language class,bang few girls and milfs I avoided back then. Stay away from some people . Hopefully I wouldn’t harm some people that did me wrong back then.

  7. I would have been more open with my feelings and not been so reserved. I look back at all of the girls that I used to know in high school.

    20 years later I now see that several of them were launching a barrage of signals showing their interest in me but I was too dense to even notice them. I wish I would have had the strength of character back then to build relationships with these women.

    One girl in particular used to work at a gym I went to after high school. I really liked seeing her there when I would go to the gym. She was a real sweetheart of a girl and would always make time to talk to me, but I thought she would never be interested in me a romantic way so I would just go in and ask her about her day and what she was up to since our graduation.

    She was enrolled in nursing school and was very active in the community. There were a lot of guys that talked with her so I felt fortunate that she made time for me. Eventually I got a job that required a lot of travel but I made it a point to visit her at the gym every time I was back in town.

    After I had left home, I kept my membership and would still go to that same gym. I was happy to see that she was still there every time I returned one day I thought maybe I should see if she was still single, what could it hurt? I decided I was going to do that the next opportunity I got to see her.

    I took some vacation and I flew into town. I visited the gym again hoping that she was still working the same shift, but she wasn’t there. I kept going to the gym to see if I could catch her at the front desk but I didn’t have any luck.

    A few days passed and when I came in I saw that the gym management had placed a picture of her near the entrance. It was a nice candid shot of her behind the front desk, with her beautiful smile and cheerful eyes.

    There was a small plaque under the picture and it read that she had always been a valued friend and trusted confidant, and that she would always be a part of the family.

    I thought she had moved on to another city until I read the final line. It said in loving memory of our dearest friend. I was heart broken. All I could think about is that I’ll never get to hear her sweet voice again or get the chance to tell her how I felt about her. She was a wonderful girl and I’ll miss her greatly. I guess what I’m trying to say is that life is fleetingly short please don’t wait, you may never get a second chance.

    I love you Kristen. I hope you’ve found peace and love in the life ever after.

  8. Actually focus on school. I barely passed my junior year and didn’t even bother going to my senior year. I would vastly change my style from then and get in shape early so I would be a more confident person.

  9. Focus on doing well in school. I ended up having OK-enough grades to go to a state university and have done well for myself through a lot of hard work. But with the benefit of hindsight, and now with kids, I see how hard the crazy tiger parents are pushing their kids to get an Ivy League school acceptance. That’s not a bad idea — this is one of the few express routes to success in life left for average people, and it all depends on whether or not you spent your pre-college career preparing. When I went to high school 30 years ago, it was still possible to go this way with good grades. Now it’s an arms race…everyone applying has perfect grades, perfect SAT scores, a huge resume of activities, and they’re either top athletes or semi-pro musicians on top of that. You have hundreds of thousands of people applying for a few thousand spots, many of whom are willing to pay the full tuition.

    There’s plenty of opportunity to do OK for yourself, but life is a whole lot easier for anyone who gets into an elite school…they have access to lucrative jobs that others can’t even hope to apply for like investment banking and such. So yeah, if I could go back and tell me to actually try and study hard, I might do that.

  10. Unfortunately, not much. Most of my misery came from general powerlessness and lack of autonomy due to my parents, which I see no way to change.

    I would definitely get better haircuts. I would have a lot more confidence. I would make better decisions around college and extracurriculars. I don’t think I would be more popular but I think I would have better, more engaging relationships with the people around me.

    I married my high school sweetheart though, and I’d be terrified I wouldn’t be able to recreate the magic of our relationship, all the way up to my absolutely most perfect kid in history. Is it really worth losing that to get a hand job a year earlier?

  11. I would be more outgoing. Would probably try harder academically. Would try harder in sports. Wouldn’t waste so much money on nothing. Would probably date more girls instead of staying with one who would eventually cheat on me.

  12. Study harder, be/act a kid longer, pick a different track (curriculum), utilize the free programs they offered, spend more time with certain friends and less with others, and spend way more time with all the loved ones/pets I lost along the way.

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