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If you see a 10/10 woman on a dating app, what are your first thoughts?

Besides wondering what she’s doing on there, do you get excited to shoot your shot or do you feel like it’s pointless and don’t bother?

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  1. If I find her attractive and she made an effort to fill out her bio, I’ll shoot my shot. But I will not have my hopes up, because if she is that good (and those are not fake/stolen photos) then she is probably looking for someone way richer than I am and with better looks.

  2. Screen her profile for deal breakers and say hi?

    Its not pointless but yes you statistically have worse odds with those ones since everyone on the site is likely messaging them.

  3. Swipe right but assume she is a bot or someone just looking for OnlyFans subs.

    Honestly, that’s 100% of the 9s or 10s that have matched me. If I was a 9 or 10, then I’d probably match with some real 9s/10s. When you are a solid 5, anyone 8+ that matches you usually isn’t a “real” match.

  4. I swipe left, probably fake or some form of pay to see or failing that they’d be so used to lads doing all the work they usually have a personality like a wet paper bag.

    I like a woman who i can have a conversation with.

  5. Swipe left. You get a limited number of swipes each day on tinder and the chances of me matching with a 10/10 who is a real person is close to zero (and even if it does happen the chance of them replying or seeing my messages amongst her 100s of matches is even closer to 0). The algorithm also lowers your score (meaning you aren’t shown to as many people) for swiping right too many times so a left swipe can be beneficial.

    Better to play the game smart and swipe on people who I actually have a chance of matching with (6-7/10 with the occasional 8/10)

  6. **Why wouldn’t she be on an app?** She needs maximum exposure just like everyone else

    However, I would also assume she is receiving a crazy amount of messages and her time is limited per-each man. I would contact her, but if she’s not replying, or replying slowly, I take that as meaning she’s busy with other men — which is fine — but I’m not going to allow myself to be a someone’s low-level option. I would respectfully pull myself from her consideration and concentrate on the women whom I like and are making an effort with me, as I am with them.

  7. I feel like the latter, it’s pointless and don’t bother. Not because I feel she’s ‘out of my league’, but because she is likely to have 1000’s of matches or likes a week and I just can’t be bothered to compete with them anymore lol.

    I’ve dated attractive women in real life and know that I won’t be able to get that on online dating due to the extreme saturation of how many guys there will be going after the same woman. The women I have dated in real life I probably wouldn’t even get to a first message if I had met them on a dating app.

    That’s just the reality of it online and it just doesn’t exist in real life, women don’t have 1000’s of guys approaching them every week in real life. Online dating is a parallel universe.

  8. Just to let you guys know, attractive girls don’t always have the best luck dating.

    That 10/10 girl who you’re wondering why is on tinder, is probably because in real life, men are usually too intimidated to approach her, so she resorts to an app. Or perhaps she’s introverted and has a bit of social anxiety like everybody else.

    Not every attractive girl is a self absorbed popular chick on Instagram.

  9. Often times I’d skip it. The dime pieces are often too motivated, tall, or wealthy to be interested in me so I don’t even bother. However I did see one on hinge, messaged her, and now we’ve been together for a year. Physically she is a goddess and I’ve never had the kind of love and support she gives me. Also, she is unmatched in the bedroom. But I think that’s because there’s actually passion involved.

  10. With every women I used to see on dating profiles I always asked myself the question “why would she be on here” if I can kinda make up an answer in my head as to why, then it was probably a real profile. Otherwise I’d just consider it some girl tryna get more followers on whatever app she feels like

  11. I swipe left because they usually ask for money and aren’t really interesting people, because they’re usually use their looks as a way to make up for their lack of personality. Not that it’s something they all do, but I like to fish in a lake where I can get a catch and not climb a mountain to pick a flower. Plus also there’s pretty hot dudes out there too and they’re way more approachable as people.

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