If you have no friends with you at the gym how do you get someone to spot for you?

Same as above. Not that it matters since all the gyms are closed.

Edit: Good answers guys. I thought I’d be impeding on another guy’s time at the gym if I asked. But maybe they’re more open to being helpful than I thought. Might even make friends.

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  1. Typically there will be people using that bit of equipment. You just gotta not be shy about it.

    If you see someone alone, ask if they want you to spot them.

    If you see a couple of people spotting each other, ask if you can get in on that action. “Hey guys can I get a spot?”

    Gym bros are pretty chill, I saw one dude planking and I started planking next to him just because I needed to do some too. He started telling me about the recent plank record someone set recently [of over 8 hours!!]( Gyms are pretty chill, if they’re not wearing headphones, I’ve found people are always open to conversation or questions 🙂 Even simple stuff like how to use some equipment or the correct leg/arm stance to hold in lifts.

  2. The only lifts I could imagine needing a spotter for are squats and bench. Squats have a safety rack, don’t need a spotter. And I just bench without clips so on the rare occasion that I try for too much and fail, I just dump the weight to one side then the other.

  3. I worried about this at first, but generally speaking, you don’t really need a spot. If you can’t complete a bench press, just do the roll of shame. But you can also ask for a spot. But be selective about it. Like you probably only need a spot on the last set when you know you’re. pushing your limit.

  4. most people are happy to help, just don’t ask when they are in the middle of a set or whilst obviously about to start.

    learn to fail safely. Dumping a squat on the safeties is usually not hard but most people are afraid to do it. commit to it – let the weight fall back.
    For bench you have two options – lift without clips so you can dump the weight or learn the roll of shame. know which you will use so you arent trying to think of a plan when trapped under the bar. Roll of shame may bruise a little but it isn’t that bad.

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