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If you guys ever want to experience HELL ON EARTH, go work at a moving company. What’s your definition of hell on earth?

I’m a mover! I lift and carry heavy sh** all day ever day. It’s horrible, but I need a check. Working at a moving company to me equals HELL.

I wouldn’t wish being a mover on my worst enemy.

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  1. Retail. Especially at an auto parts store, since so many guys attach their car knowledge to their sense of masculinity and therefor can’t acknowledge their lack of knowledge. And then become super-Karens. All because of some misinformation that they’ve been holding on to since they were teens and never bothered to fact check.

    In comparison, Target customers were friendly. Old dudes who think they know everything about cars are just douchebags all over, man.

  2. Working in the children’s section of a retail chain. Children are fucking evil and some of them cry in a manner that is akin to having an icepick repeatedly driven into your skull.

  3. I actually enjoyed working for the moving company I did. It was a smaller local company, and pay started at $15/hr + tips for general crew, and $17/hr + tips for short distance drivers. Granted I did call it quits when they told me to suck it up and clear out a house where things were covered in literal human shit and roaches… But until then it was great!

    Hell on earth for a man? Full blown ED while still having the desire for sex while in a relationship. Imagine having a beautiful fiance literally begging you to fuck her, and no matter how much you want to, you just do not have the physical ability to do so.

    God help me.

  4. My inlaws own an auction and I used to work for them. Doing entire estates is similar to working for a moving company. We had to wrap up anything that could break, determine what we could sell and what was trash, then get all the trash into dumpsters. We’d do all the furniture and for a long time we only had 2 Ford Econoline cargo vans so there would be lots of trips from the house to the auction to unload and then back again to get more. If there was a lot of furniture and a longer drive we would at least get a moving truck to cut down on trips back and forth.

    He can never find reliable people to work for him because it isn’t consistent. We would have estates to clear out for a few weeks so there would be steady pay. Then things slow down and it’s small pickups or people bringing stuff in. There’s an auction every week and he always finds a way to get merchandise but some weeks I’d only work 2 or 3 days. Because of the inconsistent work most of the time I was the youngest, most in shape guy on a job. I was in my mid 30s carrying furniture with guys in their 50s and 60s who were out of shape and only working for some extra money. When we did get a guy that could keep up with me they’d be in-between jobs so I’d have good help for a few weeks and then they were gone.

    Lack of regular pay made life at home difficult. My wife wanted me to help her dad because I am reliable and work hard but the income being unsteady was a constant issue. When the auction was slow her dad could be a massive prick. It led to a lot of arguments and when I quit on the spot it was because we got into a massive fight and I was sick of the BS. He took advantage of the fact that I was family and I was not treated right. I did not speak to him for over 2 years because of it.

    That was hell on earth. It was hard to survive and led to martial problems.

    Luckily my father in law learned a lot about how to appreciate people in those 2 years we didn’t speak. I have a FT job elsewhere now but for over 3 years I’ve been working at the auction every Saturday and have helped during the week occasionally. My relationship with him is fantastic and I’m currently an apprentice and trying to set up my test to become a fully licensed auctioneer.

  5. I worked a lot of jobs in my earlier years, including moving. I didn’t consider moving too bad.

    The worst might have been loading trailers at UPS. Is loaded many trailers with different companies, but theirs was far and away the worst. You’re essentially trapped in a cage, with a never ending stream of boxes being fed to you on a conveyor belt.

  6. Roofing, specifically installing asphalt shingles. We usually didn’t have a lift, so all the shingles had to be carried up a ladder manually, and that shit gets heavy. The company I worked for wasn’t exactly OSHA compliant, so we didn’t have any fall protection, and I’m scared of heights besides. But mostly, it just gets insanely hot being up on the black roof all day in the middle of summer.

  7. You think it’s bad for you?

    Wait til your “$5000” move becomes “oh yeah, you need to write me a check for $17,258 right now or we just keep your stuff.” When the guy shows up at your new house three weeks late.

    I will NEVER, EVER use a moving company again. Luckily it was a corporate move and they paid it, but they fired me shortly afterward because apparently I was supposed to get a “binding estimate” that meant they couldn’t do this, even though no moving company has ever done that and always cheats people.

  8. Being a nurse or similar medical professional.

    A typical day for a nurse is very likely a terrible day for the people being treated.
    The bad side of typical, someone dies.
    A worse day, it is your fault.
    A worse day, it is a kid.

    The worst case scenario if someone screws up as a mover means you are accidentally injured or killed on the job. The worst case scenario for a nurse if someone screws up is their family is accidentally infected and die. And it was their fault.

  9. Civil service. I was falsely blamed for racism and discrimination, and my boss wrote me up for those without informing me of my right to argue against them. Hatred from the public day-in and day-out for giving honest, if undesirable, information, in addition to receiving insults and threats of bodily harm. I needed therapy after working there. Fuck civil service.

  10. I think working in an actual mine or boring a tunnel would be worse than a moving company. For sure, pouring concrete is worse than moving furniture.

  11. I worked in a residential treatment facility for psychiatric patients for three years. I’ve been peed on, shat on, vomited on, bitten, punched, strangled, and stabbed (with a pencil), among many other gross/painful things. On my last day, a man ripped one of his own testicles off because he had a undiagnosed case of jock itch.

  12. I think I would like working for a moving company, I like physical work and moving heavy things. The worst I can imagine but haven’t done is being a waiter/waitress. It seems like every time I go out to eat there’s a complete asshole that for some reason has complete contempt for the service. Anything with customers is the worst since you have to act civil to jackasses.

  13. Hell on Earth is a state of mind and it’s something I live with every day.

    Not to sound insensitive, but if your job is the biggest thing that makes you get on the internet and complain, and you have a pretty good life. You can easily get rid of your hell on Earth by simply quitting and getting a different job. Try walking around with survival’s guilt because you’re pregnant girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver 16 years ago. There’s no quitting that hell on Earth, there’s no escaping it by a simple choice. You can literally quit your job and get something else that’s not hell on Earth, try facing what I have and see how easy it is to change. There are literally millions of jobs all across the world doing millions of different things. It’s not that hard to go work anywhere else doing anything else.

  14. spending close to 3 hours a day commuting to a tedious 9-5 job that i didn’t want in the first place. you’d think that the pay would reflect how much time and effort went into getting the job done, but it didn’t. i was making minimum wage and taxes along with an unpaid lunch break made it so that i’d end up losing out on a lot of money.

  15. A radioshow in my country dedicated a whole show to finding the caller with the worst job. Basically they would have callers battle to descripe their shitty jobs and the winner would go on to the next round.

    There were glorious descriptions of shitty day jobs. EVERYTHING from retail to heavy lifting.

    Eventually they found a guy who’s job was to cut the rectums from the sausage casing at a slaughterhouse. Every day. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! This one’s so bad it can’t be beat.

    But then this guy calls in. He’s works in a scrap yard and his job is to prevent the tires from rotting or something. Basically his job is to lift heavy tires, pour the water out and turn them around.

    And for some reason which escaped everyone, the only way he could do it properly was lifting each tire above his head and getting a load of rotting tire water straight in the face every time.

    Pig rectum guy folded like a lawn chair.

  16. Derrick hand, Being 75 feet up in the air standing on a 3×4 platform. It’s -15 with a 20mph wind chill. And your job is to manhandle ice cold iron, each connection weighs 48 lbs and is most likely wet.

    And you stand in one place facing the elements with 5000 lbs of iron screaming at you so you can chuck iron tubes into what is essentially a large ass screwdriver so we can extract oil from the shale in the ground.

    And then you have to climb up higher to another plat form and fuck with skinny wet metal rods.

    Frostbite is a guarantee alongside your 6000 dollars you make a month.

  17. Lmao try roofing, carrying stacks of shingles up ladders, walking around on hot black sandpaper all day in long sleeves when its 90 degrees outside at dangerous heights… throw in a lack of sleep, hangover, little food and water, no breaks or very brief lunch break, and you have to clean up all the heavy piles of shingles on the ground and little nails too before dark….

    HAH, a moving company?!? Hahaha

  18. I am living hell on earth right now, I have ulcerative Colitis which makes me have to shit 20 times a day. Well last week I learned what thrombosed hemorrhoids are, so it feels like I am being Ghadaffi’d (bayonet up the ass) every time I shit and the feel persist for an hour or longer afterwards; baths, lotion, painkillers, have not helped this.

    I am literally crying out in pain to the lord everytime I take a shit, “what did I do to deserve this???”

    This is literally hell, like if I went to hell, this is what satan would do to punish me, like imagine having to crap your pants but not wanting to go crap because it’s going to put you through excruciating pain.

  19. ER the amount of accidently slips an falls naked backwards onto house hold groceries (egg plants, carrots, frozen chicken) is distrubing equally is being tasked with there removal rather than attending genuine non preventable accidents just wear damn pants while putting the groceries away people.

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