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If you found out you where sleeping with a married woman, would you inform that person’s partner or won’t say anything since it is not your problem ?

If you found out you where sleeping with a married woman, would you inform that person’s partner or won’t say anything since it is not your problem ?

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  1. My friend’s girlfriend tried sleeping with me while I was drunk, I ratted her out. I’m the worst person she could’ve picked, as someone who’s been cheated on I have a special hate for anyone who cheats and will go out of my way to inform their partner if I ever find out.

  2. Well first I’d like to think that I would immediately end things with her as soon as I found out. After I probably wouldn’t say anything just get myself out. If I were to say anything I would probably do it anonymously and with some proof. Who knows how that man is going to react. Last thing I would want is to get into a fight with a guy I’m trying to help or have someone come try and take my life

  3. When this very thing happened to me I was not in a position to tell as I had never been to her house and in fact didn’t even know where she lived. (Now, years later I would see the red flags, but back then I was clueless.) Anyway, I just ghosted the shit outta her and never looked back. Now I would find a way to tell him, but not in person.

  4. I might break it off, but it’s not my place to interfere in other peoples relationships. I could just as easily do more harm than good even if I had all the right intentions.

  5. I wouldn’t tell the husband. I would have a conversation with the wife to find out why she was cheating and hopefully learn something about why women cheat, hopefully to avoid it happening to me. My first guess would be that it isn’t because she wants to have sex more. After all, if your wife just told you one day that she would like to have sex with you more often, wouldn’t you be thinking “YES!!!!!!” and do whatever she wants. I’d feel bad about the affair and start looking for another female woman.

  6. If I found out I was sleeping with a married man I would definitely inform the spouse. However I wouldn’t end up in such a scenario in the first place.

    Any more context you can give us, or is this purely hypothetical?

  7. It’s not your place to tell him and you’re not going to be there long term to deal with the consequences. What I mean is, you’re not her new forever and he could beat the shit out of her causing permanent life altering changes. You could be nothing more to her than a drunk mistake and you’ll change her life forever. Mind your business, do better getting info on her background first next time and make different decisions if something you did bothers you.

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