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If you could steal one quality from the opposite gender , what would that be ?

If you could steal one quality from the opposite gender , what would that be ?

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  1. The dressing flexibility. This might be region specific but in my experience men dressing for formal occasion only get suits which dont have much big variety. Meanwhile there is like no definition for what is or isn’t a dress.

    I wish i could get to wear seemingly whatever i want as long as it looks fancy. Like dont get me wrong the whole bespoke suit shit is fucking classy and amazing but sometimes I don’t wanna wear those. Let me show up in a giant ass gown or something.

  2. Their ability to comfort others. Had a death in the family yesterday and my aunt took it rough and I was rubbing her back while she cried in an attempt to let her know someone was there and my sister came over and wrapped her in a huge hug and my aunt just melted. Whenever people start crying I have no clue what to do and I’m a little weird about my personal bubble which makes it harder to give hugs, etc.

  3. This doesn’t exactly fit but sometimes I’m in the mood where i want to be sexualised from head to toe and showered in praise by women in a similar way to how men do. Obviously I’m jumping over a bunch of things here like consent and them not getting mad when I don’t reciprocate it.

    Basically I’m an attention whore.

  4. The ability to attract the opposite sex just by sitting at a bar alone for 10 minutes. I sit at a bar alone I’m accused of being a loner, an alcoholic, someone who had a fight with a loved one trying to drown my sorrows, having no friends, running from the law, etc.

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