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If you are to be teleported to one fictional world, what will you choose?

If you are to be teleported to one fictional world, what will you choose?

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  1. If I could alter my age, I’d like to receive my very late letter to Hogwarts, please and thank you.

    Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy spending my life as a hobbit in the Shire and just feast and merry and eat second breakfast until the day I die.

  2. Even as an adult I feel like hogwarts would be one of the coolest places to live. Paintings that come to life, never ending feasts, mythical creatures and potions

  3. Could i alter my age (and make sure i dont end up a muggle), id go back about 8 years (id be 10, one year away from acceptance), to you guessed it, hogwarts. A very very INSANELY close second would be percy Jackson’s universe, live at camp half blood all summer, train, make friends, ect

  4. If I’m blended into the world, probably MHA. I feel like basically any quirk that didn’t actively harm me would be cool.

    If not, probably pokemon or mass effect as normal humans fit fine and can still do cool things I otherwise couldn’t

  5. In the game of RAGE. by ID software. There is a town called “wellspring” in it. I would love living there. My life would be killing bandits, killing mutants, racing cars. And patrolling dead cities and picking up stuff to trade for ammo & rockets & guns

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