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If a girl asked you to be exclusive after the 2nd or 3rd date how would you feel? Is it too soon?

Does it change things if you have slept together from first date.

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  1. Eh. Honestly, after the first date, I already have an idea if I want us to be long term or not. It wouldn’t be too soon for me.


    >Does it change things if you have slept together from first date.


  2. It’s already been more than a 1 night stand. I’d probably want to atleast have the convo about being faithful if you’re looking for a relationship. Maybe she’s wondering if you wanted her to stop sleeping around for the moment.

  3. Not too soon. Honestly if we are sleeping together at the very least I hope we are exclusive in the not sleeping with other people at the same time sense because the last thing I want is you catching something from someone else and giving it to me.

  4. No.

    I don’t know enough after 3 dates to be exclusive. We can discuss it, of course, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with an aggressive timetable. I’m not really the type to do hookups, so it’s moot on one hand, but I would like to be sure of our compatibility before I commit.

    It’s actually been a point of contention before.

  5. If she was cool I’d be down… but it doesn’t mean the relationship is any further than it is

    Like I won’t have sex with anyone else, but we’re still only 2-3 dates in; don’t overstep boundaries

  6. told my girl after date 2 or 3 that I was deleting my dating apps, I told her it was no pressure or anything but I felt that things were going well and I just didn’t feel the need or desire to talk to anyone else anymore. If you think theres a good connection then it’s never too soon

  7. Yeah I’d definitely be exclusive after the 2nd one, maybe that’s just me though. I’m not really the type to want to sleep around, my current goal is to find a long term partner and that may not be most people’s idea

  8. Much too soon. I would be wondering what was wrong with you that you were so desperate to make things official.

    What is the point in doing this anyways? If he likes you he will not bother with any other women and if you creep him out with the question he may decide to drop you.

  9. How long have you known her/him ?

    If it’s someone you *just met* recently it’d seem sudden and possibly off-putting to some, but if you’ve known her for months/years it wouldn’t be a big ask IMO.

    I personally haven’t dated anyone unless I’ve known them for that amount of time, it’s more than enough time to get to know eachothers’ character, I don’t believe you can properly know in a short amount of time.

  10. It depends on how long we been talking in between those dates. Also if i like her too; i don’t mind discussing a possible relationship with her because why else would i be on dates with her in the first place. At least i know she takes me serious.

  11. Depends on the vibe, communication is an important foundation of any relationship. With the right person and depending on how much we talked and got along well, it might not be “too soon”. With the wrong person, hell yes it would be too soon and raise red flags. With the right person? It might be like “thank god we’re both interested in the same thing. The sex is irrelevant but the same rules apply, although I typically cross that boundary date 3+ and after getting to know them and gauging their trustworthiness too, that’s an individual/situational decision on you and what your goals are.

  12. When I was monogamous it was never an issue. I’ve never dated more than one person at a time. It’s just too hard to meet people. But it would be odd if she pressed the issue so early.

  13. I would usually kind of have an idea of where I want it to go after the first couple of dates plus some texting conversation. So I’d say no, at least for me.

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