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I got kicked out, have $1500 to my name, I’m 18. What next?

Yeah so as the title says, my parents kicked me out. I have until August 11th to leave. I turned 18 on the 18th and was planning on going to school when my parents out of the blue told me they would no longer continue to support someone who smokes weed. I know I’m going to get mixed reactions from replies but I’m honestly done, I think it’s better for me and my parents if I just go and start my own life. I wouldn’t consider myself to be the average stoner gets kicked out, I have an internship at a law office, pretty okay grades, good test scores, and I was accepted into Morehouse College and was planning on starting in the fall but it seems that is unlikely, as tuition is expensive, so I think I’ll enroll in community college. Anyways, have any older people gone through this? I understand my ability to comprehend this decision is limited because I’ve only been alive 18 years so if y’all on brisbane can help that would be great

edit: i really dont want to debate anyone on this, im not going to stop smoking weed. I dont believe it’s harming me or causing irreversible detriment to my life and future. I have good grades, got accepted into a pretty good school and from what most people tell me I’m a pretty smart kid. This isn’t the ideal choice but it’s the choice im going to make

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  1. Look man, if it’s a done deal it’s going to really suck. If it’s not, and you can just stop smoking then do it. That’s a decision that will make the rest of your life needlessly hard. If it’s possible, quit smoking and go to school properly. If it’s not, get ready to eat a lot of ramen and hate life for a long time

  2. As someone who smokes weed, don’t loose an opportunity because of it. Just quit for a few months until you move away to college and never tell them you do it and always be cautious with it. However if the bridge is already burned then good luck to you!

  3. People tell you you’re smart, but you’re acting pretty dumb my man.
    Let me tell you from experience, I was kicked out of home at a young age.
    Younger than you. Nothing my fault…a bad family situation.
    Growing up and trying to get ahead without family support has had a negative impact on almost all aspects of my life.
    No safety net when things went south meant my options were restricted.
    No family to help when I needed them for even the little things had a huge knock on effect.
    I didn’t have a choice but you do.
    Try to make a good one. It matters.

  4. Weed is not causing detriment to your life and future? Do you realize what you sound like? You’re getting kicked out of your parents house because of weed. You’re only 18, don’t let this dumb decision screw you over. I used to smoke heavily and fucked up a lot in life, and I’m telling you don’t fucking do this.

  5. >edit: i really dont want to debate anyone on this, im not going to stop smoking weed. I dont believe it’s harming me or causing irreversible detriment to my life and future.

    Weed has caused you to lose funding for your first choice of college, and is about to leave you homeless. How the fuck is that **not** “harming you”?

    You’re 18. I’m not aware of any state that’s legalized cannabis for recreational use by persons under the age of 21, which means you’re habit is illegal, which puts you at risk for *more* harm in the form of legal consequences.

    I’m not saying “patch everything up with your parents”, but if you keep using cannabis, it’s going to limit your options and make your life harder for the next three years. (at least)

    You like weed? Cool. When you turn 21, move to a state where recreational use is legal and blaze away. I promise, weed will still be there in three years to enjoy. But right now, you have a **lot** of shit that needs doing in the next three years, and weed is a distraction from that you really cannot afford.

  6. well the way I see it you have two choices.

    1. Couch surf till you can get money for a place to stay. Work your butt off in community college and grab a second job if you can. Pinch your pennies for when you want to transfer to a bigger college. Hope you make it.
    2. Stop smoking weed for a bit, have a much easier start to life.

  7. As someone who smokes weed, don’t loose an opportunity because of it. Just quit for a few months until you move away to college and never tell them you do it and always be cautious with it. However if the bridge is already burned then good luck to you!

  8. Well, I enlisted at 18. Best decision of my life. I joined the Air Force but the “correct” answer is Coast Guard.

    Not compatible with your weed habit though

  9. Do not lose an opportunity over weed. I don’t agree with your parents at all, but if you quit and they allow you to stay home it will be worth it. I love weed. But it’s not worth wasting a life over. You can always smoke later.

  10. Friend … I am a kinda old white guy in a good sized city in NC. I have a daughter almost your age. I smoked ALOT of weed when I was young and would still use edibles if legal here. Your parents are trying to do the right thing but doing it the WRONG way (kicking you out). If you are going to Morehouse I assume you are African American? Georgia is AWFUL about unfair incarceration for young black men! Even as a white person I can scarely tell you how hard it is to get a decent job! As a black person with even a minor criminal offense (possession) your life will be ruined … you will NEVER find a decent job. Morehouse is GREAT … I would not fuck up that opportunity over weed. My advice …. stop for now. Finish Morehouse … and move to a legal state!

  11. Look onto grants/scholkrships. Some places will give a couple hundred bucks for a short essay. If they want money to apply for one run. Look at some of your friends and get to find a roommate you can tolerate. It will significantly reduce your living expenses. Also, job. I know it’s difficult but ya need one to live on your own.

    Bottom line is that if you can’t figure out how to financially afford living on your own before you move out, stop smoking for a few months to give you more time to get your a shit together. Then move out and have a rager.

  12. I moved out at 16, and just grinded bro.

    School all day, work all night, party on Friday night, die for an entire day Sunday. You got like.. 4 – 5 ish years of being able to do that before u burn out. Set goals, have reliable roommates.

  13. Go get a cheap bachelor apt, and work toward getting a trade. It will cost less for the education and you’ll be making money faster when you’re done.

    Be a plumber or an electrician. People will be shitting and turning lights on long after we’re dead. Just suggestions, but something to maybe consider.

  14. If you’re not going to stop smoking you’re gonna need to get your shit together enough to get a job. At least hold off on the smoking to save money and pass a drug test. You’re gonna need a job. Hold off on college until you have that job because $1500 isn’t going to last very long. Hit up your social network and ask to crash on their couch until you get a stable income. Be a gracious guest. It is a lot harder to get on your feet when you’re homeless on the street.

  15. If weed is worth turning your life upside down. Then you do you.

    Your first step is securing a job and a place to live immediately.

    Second is establishing yourself financially. You need to put money aside and save it each month. Create a budget as well.

    If you dont already have it. A means of transportation.

    These are the first steps in the right direction..

    God pray you dont sink yourself over marijuana being a priority in your life man. But you will grow up with this experience.

  16. You are going to make a decision that will be pivotal in your life – just make sure it’s worth it.

    Stick to your guns and embrace the impending struggle; have a shit relationship with your family and go it alone.

    Or, realise you are 18 and that your parents aren’t perfect – sacrifice your beliefs to make life easier and have a better start at your education.

    If you are 18 and weed is the deal breaker then I’d argue you have your priorities wrong. I’m sure it’s not as simple as that.

    One last thing; don’t get too excited in standing up for yourself; standing up for your principles is one thing – standing up for weed is another.

    Best of luck to you.

  17. For now you can get away with smoking weed because your young. In the long term if you want to make good money and move up in your career it’s better to stop smoking completely. Since your parents kicked you out I wouldn’t spend money on weed at all, I’d recommend for you to get some job and settle down first. Figure out how your going to support yourself with essential necessities like food, housing, and transportation. That should be your priority first. If you can’t find a place to live maybe contact a friend or someone you can trust that can give you a place to live to give you time for you to get back on your feet.

  18. Let me go ahead and say this, if smoking helps you and you’re successful with it being in your life, then fuck anyone else that says to step off of it due to your parents. At this point, you’ve done what they’ve asked and if they wanna kick you out because of weed then that’s their choice. While many may disagree, I believe that you shouldn’t sacrifice who you are because of your parents. There are too many people now that will let their parents do whatever they want to their life. You don’t owe them anything anymore, you’ve done what you should’ve and now they’re just getting upset at your own adult choices. If they can’t handle that, then maybe you shouldn’t put up with handling them. I know it’s scary to get thrown into the world by yourself, but you can always pull yourself up higher than you were before.

  19. Just because weed isn’t harmful doesn’t mean it’s not worth laying off of it for a couple years for a steady home. You can’t really afford it anymore anyway, and if you spend money on it now it shows financial irresponsibility.

  20. buy a cheap van so you got a roof. then go get a job. then pay for your tuition yourself.

    its how everybody else does it.

    oh and stop soking weed. employers dont like it and the random drug tests will make you lose jobs.

    good luck.

  21. >I’m a pretty smart kid

    You’ve debunked this claim by your actions.

    >I dont believe it’s harming me or causing irreversible detriment to my life and future.

    Didn’t you just get kicked out and possibly lose the opportunity to go to a good school? Hmm……

    Good luck finding a job thats worth a damn that will let you smoke weed. You can’t even join the military while smoking weed

  22. Living under parents house its parents rules either accept that or not if your parents were footing the bill and your a legal adult and not contributing to the household then like I said it’s their rules if you were contributing you could make an argument. I will say you have an internship, and your deciding to still go to school nothing wrong with community college the majority of jobs don’t care where you went to school anyways, and by the sounds of it you were going to overpay at that school anyways. So if this is what you want to do keep going to school, get a job, and find an apartment don’t be looking at all the expensive ones either. If you have to get or start a side job on the side until you get where you want to be.

  23. I’d honestly tell the most senior person at work that you need a week off to sort your life out because you’re on your own unexpectedly and you will need to figure out lodging and your education path. And tell that story to every successful person you know that you’ve impressed over the years.

    You may just end up getting some options like this law firm paying for your undergrad.

  24. I also think it’s a good thing that you’re moving out. It sounds like a controlling situation to be in and it might salvage your relationship with them for the future. Moving out is a good thing, and sometimes, trial by fire is the better way.

  25. Look into donating plasma. They pay different rates in different locations/states if they pay at all, but it can definitely add up. In Michigan it’s $400~ a month when you’re steady, but they give extra money when you’re new or survived Covid.

  26. Do you have a car? If yes, good. You can sleep in it for the time being. I moved out at 18 (last wk March) with absolutely nothing except what I had in the bank and my car. Thankfully I stayed in a dorm at college and didn’t have to sleep in my car long, but those last legs of winter were fucking cold, man.

    I’m 45. I made it. It’s tough and the odds are harder now than then. But it’s doable. Be smart. Good luck.

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