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I am 30 and I still cannot ride a bike or bicycle. Age your current age, what are those things you still cannot do?

I am 30 and I still cannot ride a bike or bicycle. Age your current age, what are those things you still cannot do?

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  1. If you want to learn how to ride a bike, just take the pedals off. Push it with your feet. It will take you maybe 15 minutes and you’ll be ready to put the pedals back on.

  2. i’m 20 and don’t know long division.

    kinda crazy, i vividly remember missing class for a few days in fourth grade, coming back, and they had learned it while i was gone. guess there was never really a point where i needed it so i just never learned

  3. 52, and have never changed a diaper. Can I? Maybe, but we’ll never know for sure.

    ***Just so we’re clear….. No, I don’t have kids…. No, I won’t be having any…. No, I’m not looking to fill some void that I’ve somehow missed out on in life…. I don’t need to practice, and I don’t feel lost because I’ve missed out on what I’m sure is a wonderful experience ***

  4. Month numbers to month words.

    I know the first few and last few, the rest in the middle is all jumbled up.

    I can’t say Three without people thinking I’m giving something away for Free

    And finally I always say AL words with EL. Album is my worst. Ed Sheeran released his latest Elbum

    I’m 32 and a smart guy in the tech industry….. We all have our flaws but computers cover some of mine.

    Edit: a lot of people are getting confused by what I mean. I mean I don’t know what the 7th month of the year is by number. E.g. Feb is the 2nd month.

  5. I cannot swallow pills. I tried everything. Nothing works.

    Also funfact: I needed 18 years to learn how to use a plastic spark-wheel lighter. I just couldn’t do it? Lol.

    Edit: thanks for all the suggestions! I appreciate it so much! I’ll try some out definitely. Also: I’m sorry I didn’t realise this was r/askmen, I’m a woman though.

  6. 24 and I don’t know how to change a tire.
    Worst part I’ve been taught over and over again but when I have to do it, I don’t know what to do.
    Also my partner is qualified diesel mechanic and do ‘drills’…. I fail every time :/

    Edit: seeing I get a lot of people who tell me the process, thank you so much for that I do appreciate you guys. But my biggest problem/fear comes with jacking up the car, especially the position of the jack and the bolts that have to be tighten gradually. All that scares me and puts me back to ‘I’m scared and not confident enough to change my own tire’ resolving in my brain forgetting the process. But yes, my partner is on speed dial, mainly because he can send himself out or a mechanic for me.

  7. 45. I live alone. I couldn’t cook a large meal for guests. I can just cook simple things. I rarely have guests and have never been married/had kids, so necessity never forced me. I’m busy with career so I don’t have a lot of free time to experiment.

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