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How your life been since getting a vasectomy?

I’m a 35 year old father of 1 amazing child. My wife and I are on the outs and after 13 years together I simply cant imagine ever entering into another relationship as deep as the one we’ve had that would lead to fathering another child. Further, I very much enjoy ohhh and despite wearing condoms and practicing safe ohhh Im still frightened the next month after ohhh that my hookup will end up pregnant. I’d appreciate anyone who can share their experiences with getting snipped both positive and negative. Thanks so much.

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  1. I have 3 kids and I’m not even 30 yet. After 3 C-sections, I dont think my wife’s body can handle another so I got snipped and things have been butter smooth ever since. Her hormones get to stay normal and I dont have to bother with condoms or pull out anymore. It’s great. All things considered, I think it’s the best decision compared to birth control or tube tying.

  2. Vasectomies are great, just keep it to yourself when dating. Never say anything and just see what happens. But I have to say, knowing that I’m shooting blanks allows me to have way more fun in bed, absolutely no worries.

  3. I love my vasectomy and have no problem sexually and bonus it’s awesome knowing that you cannot impregnate anyone. It’s a quick procedure with local anesthetic, a few days of soreness and then boom no more worries about pregnancy again.

  4. My wife had bad reactions with female birth control, so the vasectomy meant she didn’t have to bother with all that shit anymore, and I didn’t have to wear a condom, so I’ve been quite happy. Literally no downsides for me, and no regrets.

  5. Question for you men who have had one….do you still cum? Is it the same consistency, or is there less mess etc? What is different other than you not being potent?

  6. Vasectomies can be reversed as what I’ve been told. I had mine because my wife was having complications with all sorts of birth control and I figured it was my turn as we were both in our 40s and we figured we were done with increasing the size of our family. But that’s something you will ultimately have to decide. You’re basically making yourself sterile and you never know what the future can hold.

    When I got my vasectomy, my balls ached for a solid three days. And that’s pretty consistent with any of my friends that got it done as well. I tended to wear tighter underwear because I felt like they needed support. The clinic I went to advertised that you could return to work the next day which I thought was a big fat lie. You won’t want to work the next day unless your job is sitting in a chair for most of the day.
    I would also recommend that you follow through with giving samples to make sure that it worked. I’ve heard stories where men didn’t follow up with the sperm checks and they ended up not being sterile.
    Overall, the procedure wasn’t that bad. You will be sore for a few days and that’s about it.

  7. Keep your options open. My story is somewhat similar in that I got snipped after my third child with my ex wife, then divorced a year or two later. I was older than you (38, maybe?) when I did it. My now GF – who I will absolutely marry – has no kids, and wants and deserves her own kids. It sucks that there’s an absolute impediment to making that happen, even with a reversal that’s only x% effective and expensive. I get what you’re saying/thinking, in doubting you’ll ever have a relationship as deep as your soon-to-be-former relationship, but I can’t help but hearing life say “hold my beer.”

    I’ll say, though, that no part of me was driven to go mash tons of women post-divorce. I didn’t want to tomcat; I wanted to be *known* and accepted by my partner m. So if what you think you want is lots of new women, then maybe it’s a decent option. But again, life has a way of changing your perspective.

  8. Ok, you sounded young or inexperienced by you asking me about their scheme, and you’re lack of understanding what I’m doing.

    To lay it out more simple, keep it to yourself, meaning don’t advertise your life. And when you meet up with women, let it play out and see how she acts.
    I can tell by your words you’re too cocky. Relax. Life will be much easier.

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