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How would you react if a woman complimented you in a flirtatious way?

I know men often feel neglected when it comes to getting complimented. I see lots of men I would happily attempt to flirt with but, I assume that no man is single and that’s why I refrain from flirting. Would you shut it down immediately if you are attached, or just take the compliment and leave?

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  1. It feels great every time, I don’t consider myself an ugly guy by any means but men as a whole are not usually complemented physically unless you are just 10 out of 10 lol

  2. Even if I were in a relationship at the time, I’d have to have a very compelling reason to be rude to a woman who flirted with me. Even then, I would have no compulsion to be cruel.

  3. I still remember about 2 years ago when one night during midnight shift, a customer smiled and said “see you around suga ;)”
    She also called me darling that night.

  4. That would be pretty cool, but my advice is don’t be flirtatious unless you’re comfortable with some level of reciprocation.

    It’s not guaranteed you’ll get it, but it will seem like a message that flirtation is appropriate for the situation

  5. I’d thank her and go about my day.

    3 years later I would smack my forehead and realize she was flirting. I’d then spend the remainder of my life randomly remembering that and always feeling silly for not catching on at the time.

  6. For last decade I have received compliments only from wives of my friends and the like in social settings. So I would be hard pressed to see it as something flirtacious and would just see it as if you were paying your social dues when you don’t have to… Mildly confusing in the way of “did I forget who this lady is? Should I have greeted her first and remember her name?”

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