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How would you react if a potential partner asked you to get tested before actually having ohhh?

How would you react if a potential partner asked you to get tested before actually having ohhh?

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  1. In this day and age where pretty much everyone is or has been sleeping around it should be ‘stand procedure’

    A partner has asked me this, it didn’t make me feel any type of way. Both of us got tested.

  2. Wouldn’t be a turn off for me. It means that she wants to make sure that we’re taking the smart approach. There’s a lot of irresponsible men and women out there who just aren’t taking the proper precautions and people suffer for it.

  3. Sounds like a responsible woman to me. She can get tested too. I don’t have a problem getting tested or being asked to get tested. It’s one of those things that should always get done but rarely does. All the people I been with it’s never come up.

  4. Relieved. However I would suggest we both go.. and probably wait a few months thereafter. It’s crazy how many people just sleep with strangers and take people’s word at face value. You literally don’t know what or who they were doing last weekend.

    At least in my age group(it’s gross) but not uncommon for people to sleep with strangers weekly or otherwise frequently.

  5. I’d suggest to get both tested, but i’d feel ok about it.

    If she asked me, probability is she asked to her previous partners too.
    Health is really important in my opinion.

  6. I back the generic, positive, and welcoming vibe but id argue it depends on whether you’ve slept together or not before the question. If you haven’t; then fine, they’re responsible adult. If you have; they’re sleeping around or already have something

  7. I usually draw that line when it looks like I’m getting into a relationship and (ideally) it means we can stop using condoms.

    So I’d be very happy with that.

  8. It didn’t bother me, at least i confirmed i havent contracted hepatitis or hiv. She tested clean too but that doesn’t really matter because she turned out to be a cheating piece of shit slut.

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