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How would you know if you are ready to love again?

How would you know if you are ready to love again?

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  1. Because you are happy with yourself and your life. If you use a relationship to fix your life than you are doing it wrong. A partner should complement an already good life. Not be the center piece. If you try to make them that center you will grow an unhealthy dependence on them. Basing your happiness on your partner leave you at their mercy and often that behavior leads to abusive relationships. You can’t be happy with someone unless you are already happy.

  2. You don’t.

    You think you are ready, so you try, but you’re not really ready, so it doesn’t work out.

    So you try again, because *this* time, you’re sure you’re ready. But you’re not, and it doesn’t work out again.

    It keeps not working out, because despite you telling yourself that you are, you’re not really ready to be all in emotionally.

    Until you are, and then it can work out.

    You can’t force it. And you can’t really know if you’re ready – especially if you want to be. I think you become ready through effort and practice, which involves some failure and hurt.

    At least this has been my experience.

  3. I feel like I’ll never be ready, but I should move on anyway. Working out more, bible audio books, and bettering my career is helping a lot with my ability to forget about the past. Love will come out of nowhere, I’m just going to apply my newfound wisdom to not make the same mistakes with women and to discover their full intentions. My days of chasing women are over. I’ll settle down with someone that puts as much effort into it as I do.

  4. When I fall in love again. No jokes, since my last heartbreak, I can’t force myself to be “romantic”. I’m 22, so I may be too young to explain those feelings. The way I see it, is that I really believed in love first back in my teen years. Since I lost my shot at love, because my dad took my phone the ONE time the girl called me to come over, I just…wanted sex. A one night thingie, just to burst this bubble and move on. Still a virgo vorgin today, because it changed again. I don’t want to just have sex, I just want some warmth. Somebody in my arms, making me feel safe. I think I’m slolwy getting ready to love again, but until a girl take my heart, I won’t know.

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