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How would you feel if your girlfriend proposed to you?

It’s traditional that the guy proposes to the girl, but how would you feel if she proposed to you?

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  1. Having been married once.. And doing the usual guy thing of popping the question on that occasion… Id be thrilled if my new GF did it this time round.

    Thing is.. Her previous husband didn’t give her the proposal she wanted so i feel it’s down to me to do it this time for her.

    I don’t mind tbh..

  2. Uncommon answer but I believe both individuals should propose to one another, as you are meant to be equal partners in a marriage and should want to treat each other to a special moment; men propose entirely out of tradition

  3. Weird, especially if we haven’t already talked about. Marriage should be a discussion and negotiation, not some weird romantic gesture of an invitation from one party to the other.

  4. She might as well snip off my balls and call me sally. I know it’s irrational but I’ve always felt like it’s a huge moment for me to propose to my future wife. If she does it, it kinda steals my thunder.

  5. If I’m down to get married I’d be super excited and happy and say yes.

    If not then my anxiety would probably spike and I’d get a panicked, deer-in-headlights look on my face while trying to think of a nice way to say no.

  6. I plan on teaching my daughters that this is perfectly acceptable, and shouldn’t be weird.

    Women shouldn’t have to wait for their partners to progress their relationships for them. They should feel comfortable taking the initiative themselves.

  7. I wouldn’t mind if she brought up the topic of marriage first, but I’d really prefer to do the proposing, and I’d really prefer not to be proposed to. I know it’s arbitrary, but that’s one of the things I’m a little old-fashioned on.

    I think what I’d like to happen is that we both agree that we’d like to be married beforehand, and then I surprise her with the ring.

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