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How would you feel and what would you do if your gf suddenly became a millionaire and now makes more money than you.

You wake up one day to find out that your girlfriend is now a multimillionaire and makes more money than you. You are an average dude in a relationship with a millionaire gf. How would you feel and what would you do?

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  1. It probably wouldn’t bother me unless her attitude/lifestyle changed too much.

    I mentioned this story on here before, but I once had a girlfriend who after getting her PhD and getting a well paying job, completely went 180 on me. She had been a poor student for years living free in my house, never paying any bills, I basically took care of everything for two years we were together. And then she graduates and gets a job paying $220k a year and then she constantly bugged me to get a better job, to get a new house, new car, to go on vacations I couldn’t afford, and on and on. After a few months of this, I couldn’t take it anymore and broke it off.

  2. I’d be excited and happy for her. It’s not my money so I mean I’m not gonna tell her what to do with it. Though I would as if she’d like me to put her in touch with a good CPA to help her handle that money. Good ones are hard to find but when you do find one, they’re the best at making sure you don’t just blow through that money.

  3. My ex had a eight figure trust fund.

    I make stellar money, but not eight figures in the bank stellar money.

    Our agreement was I paid for what I wanted us to do, her for what she wanted.

    End of the day, I still had to work for my money, and she didn’t. I couldn’t charter a plane and take off to Europe for a month at a time, and that’s the sort of thing she enjoyed doing. So, while it wasn’t inherently a money issue, it just didn’t work out.

  4. Keep bettering yourself instead of being insecure. Money gives comfort not happiness. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you don’t even know how to live frugally and invest it.

  5. I had more than my ex had and he threw it in my face ALL THE TIME because he doesnt have the skills to get it himself. I never once put that in his face but he came up with it all the time. He had inferiority issues anyways. Glad he is gone so i can enjoy my stress free life.

  6. I put my now ex wife through medical school, residency and fellowship. Then helped her set up her practice so she was making more than $1 million a year.

    Based on that experience, I would bail on your scenario. It will never be our money, it will always be her money and I don’t want to try to maintain her lifestyle with my money.

  7. A few million dollars isn’t much these days. If you make $50k a year salary you’d need about $3.5 million to maintain that along with the cost of healthcare to maintain that lifestyle. So… unless she won about 10 million you should prob keep working and lay low.

  8. Depends on if this is something that she just now found out about herself or if it’s something she has always known/had

    If she always had this money, nothing would change tbh. Would definitely ask her why she decided to keep it secret, but ultimately I wouldn’t think too much about it except to ask if we can live somewhere nicer.

    On the other hand, if she just somehow got that thrown to her because her great uncle died or something, I’d get prepared to see her leave me. I would probably get a little insecure, and I’d tell her that. After all, she could literally get any guy she wanted at that point (she’s also a very attractive, young, nice white woman, so there’s seriously not a whole lot of people who would reject her).

  9. Jokes aside I think it would put an incredible amount of stress on the relationship. We’re talking a girlfriend here… not a spouse, not a fiancé, just a girlfriend.

    I imagine it can only go two ways… you get very serious, very quickly, or you breakup.

  10. I’d be preparing myself for the potential of being single in the near future but would also be hoping things didn’t end. In my experience once a guy starts making significantly less money than his lady, the lady usually loses interest in him between 1-3 years from the financial shift.

  11. Any problems she causes because of it, I wont feel obligated to move past just to prove my “security.” If she can handle it, so can I. If she starts expecting me to level up after weighing her new options I’ll find someone else. Most insecurities based on this are from how men expect women to react when they see themselves as better than their mate. Id be willing to give her a chance and see… But I won’t feel particularly motivated to weather criticism and arguments just to be what modern society considers to be a well-adjusted and properly trained male.

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