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How would you design your man cave? What all would you like to have in there?

Well the title says it all.

If you can hypothetical build your dream man cave, how would it look and what would it have?

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  1. I’d have my dream battle station, big ultrawide monitor in the middle, 2 4k monitors either side and a large 4k TV mounted above. A PC to run all of these at 60fps+

    I’d have some great RGB lights so i could adjust the mood.

    A nice corner sofa with a view of the 4k TV for couch gaming.

    On the walls would be shelves of signed comics, movie scripts and props of all sorts.

    I would have a bar with functional beer taps and a sink with running water.

    I’d have a kettle and unlimited tea.

    The room would be well ventilated to keep it cool with all the electronics.

  2. Comfortable seating, a Bar, nearby bathroom access, flat screen TV(s), gaming consoles arcade or other, pool table, dart board, card table, a fridge and maybe even party lighting where you can change color schemes.

  3. I’d like to have an actual Bat Cave but without the bats. A huge library in a labyrinthian fashion, with neon signs alphabetically categorising the books.

    An IMAX screen at the centre, with several associated monitors surrounding it showing various projects I’m simultaneously working on. UI designs constantly under work, etc.

    A coffee machine, for sure. A bar setup with a fridge and freezer.

    A fountain in the back that sets quite an impression, pooling below into a small pond. With an inbuilt purifier system, of course. Far away from all the electronics, though it adds a natural aesthetic to the whole setting.

    A video games centre with both the PS5 and the Xbox models.

    A honeymoon chamber-esque bed surrounded by translucent curtains, surrounded by the water pooling from the fountain like a moat around it. All connected by several walkways and pathways.

    Now I just need to come up with a secret entrance.

  4. 🙂 Fuck the cave. Bring back the study. 🙂

    I had the opportunity to make my own room in my current home.

    I have bookshelves (Classics to Comics and Gaming) , A corner for weapons (Sticks & swords), A sewing workbench, A record player, A standing desk with a couple laptop computers and extra monitors, a dog bed, and a second workbench/storage area.

  5. Conveniently, I’m doing just this in our house. Half of it is my gaming area, the other half will soon be a theater, and a decked out bar.

    Currently, the game area is pretty much done (it’s where I’m sitting), the bar is getting there (installing bar fridge today, then need to decorate), theater is likely to be set up in the next few months (got to pick a projector, couch, etc).

  6. A gas fireplace with built-in bookshelves to each side of it, giant 4k TV with 2 comfy arm chairs, my gaming PC placed at an angle where I can see both the TV and fireplace while sitting at my desk, and a couch for napping on.

    Would also throw in a mini-fridge + single-serve coffee maker so that I didn’t need to walk up to the kitchen any time I needed a glass of water of coffee.

  7. I would go for an overall industrial look with brick walls, exposed beams etc. Comfortable couches, a decent sized tv (big but not over the top), maybe some arcade machines. Big windows for natural light with shutters on them to block it all out if I want, a couple of house plants and some nice smelling candles

  8. A cupola that could be shaded or opened to allow natural light from above.

    A central chair with memory foam cushions.

    Trays containing a mouse/keyboard, monitor, and food storage all attached to stable areas using that locking stuff that Adam Savage has in his cave to hold his lights.

    One entire wall as a big screen.

    Everything possible made of stainless steel, plastic, and stone.

  9. Dimensions 20’x30′. Big screen TV used as a computer monitor, small footprint desktop computer, remote keyboard. Comfortable lazy boy reclining chair suitable for sitting or sleeping. Small restroom with shower. All things necessary to make coffee.

    Sturdy work table attached to one wall. Full assortment of hand tools and handheld power tools. Big vice. Short and tall work stools. Parts washing station. All the things necessary to repair small mechanical assemblies and make knives.

    There is more but I think this has gone on long enough.

  10. My whole house, because I don’t have a woman exiling me to the darkest, most undesirable rooms, while she puts throw pillows and lace everywhere.

    full size ping pong table in the living room,

    awards/ photos from my military enlistment

    movie/ comic book posters (tastefully framed)

    my favorite vinyls (also tastefully framed)

    bar cart, books, plants, etc.

    If roles were reversed, the police would arrest men for forcing their wife to have all her belongings in only one tiny room.

    Live free men.

  11. Actually, I live alone in my own house, and the whole house is a man cave. My studio has two computers (one gaming/internet, one for artwork and photoprocessing), a high quality TV and BluRay player, plus a keyboard, a few guitars, and some recording equipment. The spare bedroom next to it is a mini library, with several hundred books of different types and genres, plus a nice office setup for working from home. The living room has an entertainment center, plus an XBox, and is decked out in all sorts of fantasy/medieval trappings, with a few swords on the walls. What would have been the family room in a family’s house is now the billiard room, with a large scotch cabinet, a running theme of Lord of the Rings trappings, more swords, and some armor.

    I’m certainly not done with it yet, and I’ll probably do more of the same. I have a soft spot for medieval decorations and fantasy paintings, and there’s always more to find out there. I’d like to turn one of the walls in the billard room into a bar-like table with some tall chairs. A beer fridge for the garage (just off the billiard room) is coming up soon, and a nice sound system for the billiard room will likely be next.

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