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How would you describe the pain of being hit in the testicles?

My husband hit himself in the testicles with his PlayStation controller. After much thrashing about, I asked him to describe the pain to me. He described it as an ice cold, hollow pain that travels around your balls, inner thighs, legs and down to his feet.

How would you describe the pain of being hit in the testicles?

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  1. To me, it’s like a shock to my system and then it’s a radiating pain with waves of nausea. I feel like I want to vomit while also doubled over in pain. It’s almost like it shuts your brain off for half a second when it first happens and then the pain and nausea come.

  2. In my experience, it feels a lot like getting rabbit punched in the diaphragm. Intense spiking pain, a seizing of the lungs and difficulty breathing, an urge to vomit or nausea, and a sudden weakness in the legs and thighs.

  3. My ex and I decided that it’s closely relatable to severe cramps. Though, because we don’t get that pain monthly, we tend to romanticize the trauma to a point that we are still affected by it well after it has passed.

  4. You are hit by an uncontrollable amount of force. The sheer weight is indiscribable. Nothing should have that mass. Lightning sparks all across your body. Ice forms in your stomach. The sheer idea of a stomach being inside your body is horrendous to you for those moments. Somehow all oxygen had left your body. You collapse. If you are lucky the sweet embrace of death will consume you heart and soul.

  5. I know that labor pains are the most painful thing a woman can experience that a man can’t. Getting hit in the nuts is the worst pain a man can feel that a woman can’t.

    The most terrible type of pain that both men & women can experience is kidney stone pain. I’ve had kidney stones and I know what that’s like. My sister-in-law has had both labor pains and kidney stones and says she’d rather give birth than have kidney stones again. But that’s because there’s no position you can get into to make the kidney stone pain stop. You need drugs.

  6. Like being punched in the stomach (but worse), except it also feels deeply sore/throbbing/numb, like if you left the strongest icepack ever on your skin for too long. I’m not sure if that’s what your husband’s getting at, but it *sucks*.

  7. The worst part isn’t in your balls it’s in your stomach. It feels like your lower stomach is being pulled out of you though your balls. The initial hit and a really sharp pain that only lasts like 20-30 seconds but that feeling in your stomach can last hours even days. I got hit there in high school during a school fight. I puked and nearly passed out and for the next 3-4 days I walked with a hunch. It’s awful truly awful I’d rather be punched in the face.

  8. If it’s bad it’s an acute sharp pain that takes over the body and renders you incapable of anything but suffering.

    A lighter tap is like ringing in your ears except it’s pain in your balls

  9. It fucking hurts. I don’t have the mastery of the English language it would take to describe it to someone who never experienced it first hand. Sometimes when my wife describes real bad period cramps it sounds similar to ball pain.

  10. Its a slow burn, the initial impact is not the height of the pain. Its like when you bump your elbow then start to pass out, that but in your crotch, and with a subsequent feeling of intense pressure and unpleasant squeezing of your genitals.

  11. I would say it’s extremely over done in movies and TV shows. A guy who could clearly win in a fight against someone(usually a girl) they get kicked in the balls and it’s over. Sure it hurts, but it’s not some K.O, WWE out for count finisher, critical hit -200 HP, Superman’s kryptonite type shit

  12. There’s a bunch of different layers, one after the other:

    * Blunt-force trauma: a one-knuckle punch to the eyeball
    * Sharp stabbing pain: biting down on a fork with a dental abscess
    * Abdominal pain: worst stomach cramps ever
    * Pulsing pinprick pain: every tiny blood vessel right through your eyeball threatens to burst with each beat of your heart.

    The worst part about it is that each stage of the pain takes vastly longer to fade than normal injuries. Think of the progression when you bonk your eyebrow on a cupboard door or nearly snap off a toe on the corner of a bookcase – whiteout for 30 seconds, hyperventilating for a minute or two, swearing and gasping for 5 minutes, and finally just bloody sore for an hour or two.

    With a good solid nut shot, you can multiply all those times by *ten*.

    And unlike other injuries, you don’t get that adrenaline burst that lets you beastmode through the pain. It’s straight to fuck it I’m done, kill my loved ones and take my stuff, imma just curl up here and cry for the rest of the day.

  13. A hard cutting needle that goes from the testicles to the gut after which you feel the pain you get when you bruised yourself, but a hunderd times on the place of your testicles.

  14. Like getting sucker punched straight in the lower abdomen, where you flinch and recoil from the hit. The heart starts racing and you just feel like something hard crashed into you that just took the wind out of you if it was hard and unexpected enough.

  15. Best way I can describe it to a girl is to imagine a really bad headache in you crotch that hits you in 1 second. You also feel light headed and butterflies in your stomach kind of

  16. At the initial hit it’s super painful and will probably immobilise you. Afterwards you get this weird feeling in your stomach as if you are about to become really sick, but the sickness never comes

  17. It’s a compression pain, so I’d say its similar to compressing your eyeball and radiates as many others have said. Sort of a cramping/torsion pain. It isn’t hot like being pinched and there isn’t a burning sensation so I’d have to equate it to an ache.

  18. Have you ever had a needle in the rim of yer arsehole? Kinda like that hellish burning pain but it lingers and it feels like ur bollocks are trying to crawl back into yer body

  19. Sharp localized pain, with a horrible, hollow nausia spread throughout your stomach. It can make your legs turn to jelly, and if hit hard enough can physically prevent you from being able to stand, because your legs simply won’t have the strength.

  20. in my experience its basically nothing much, to me its kinda the same as being hit anywhere else, of course i still have the reflex to protect them but tbh the pain isnt all that bad in my experience, everyone else says its the worst thing ever, guess i just have balls of fucking tungsten or something

  21. A lot of pain in the lower gut. Cold, numb pain between the legs, like when your leg falls asleep and gets pins and needles. All in all, it hurts in a lot more than just the testicles themselves.

  22. It’s a sharp, local pain at first, but it then a dull, deep pain starts radiating up into your stomach and into your legs. Severe ball stokes can result in nausea, shortness of breath and dizziness.

  23. It’s like getting the wind knocked out of you but for your balls. Can be nearly on par with the pain of a broken bone. A really bad one for me will make the entire area experience this sensation that someone is trying to vigorously vacuum out my lower bowels through my sack. Nausea, cold sweats, and borderline vomiting are all possible.

  24. It’s like getting hit in the testicles. There is no other way to describe it. It’s one of the very few relatively easy to do on purpose or accident to drop any man to his knees.

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