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How would you deal with feeling awkward and insecure about meeting someone your girlfriend hooked up with 2 years ago?

This is a follow up question from my last post.

I’m a late bloomer so I’m ohhhually inexperienced compared to my girlfriend, and this has led me to feeling insecure. So if you guys could post genuine advice that would be really helpful

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  1. listen, youre defintely over thinking this. she had sex w him a while back, if hes holding onto that then he hasnt moved on . meaning ultimately ur the alpha, be a confident person and just know that youre the now and hes the past. that is all that matters, absolutely nothing else

  2. It’s natural to feel awkward and maybe a little insecure. So call it out as just that – a feeling that you’re reading into. Name it and move on. At the end of the day she’s with you and that’s all that matters. No matter how good looking or interesting the guy is that’s even more compliment to you, because regardless of what that guy’s got you clearly have something (probably a lot of things) better going on.

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