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How would you classify a compliment if they wanted something from you?

I’ve had two compliments on my appearance so far and both times they wanted something from me. I was complimented on my arms from someone who wanted me to join their rugby team and I was complimented on my t-shirt by a sales assistant in a shop. So both times they wanted something. Were they buttering me up and should I ignore them or should I take it was feedback that when someone wants to say something nice to me they choose my arms and t shirts because they are my best aesthetic qualities?

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  1. It’s called flattery. It’s a fairly blatant tactic to get someone to drop their guard and make them more willing to hear what’s about to be said.

  2. A quick way for me to disregard everything non-informative you say from then on out.

    Ask for the thing politely, *then* give a genuine compliment. You’re straightforward, get what you asked (if it’s a reasonable request) and you’re nice about it.

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